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  1. Looks great in body colour wouldnt change the combo
  2. Thanks Marcel that is a very useful YouTube and educational for me, thanks also to Stan I may well try that but if I feel it is risky would buy a spring compressor looks like a few hours happily spent on the car over the winter in my warm garage.
  3. Thanks Stan but someone has previously changed the other bushes but left these upper ones, can I just replace them without taking the whole thing apart? Maybe because they are difficult they left them. Charles
  4. I have just ruined one of my steel 's' shaped caliper to hose connectors. I have a couple of questions, firstly as the rest of the system is in good condition does anyone know if there is anywhere I can get one made up against the old template? And secondly can I mix copper with steel using DOT 4 Hope you guys can help. Thanks Charles
  5. Hello, Can someone tell me if I can easily replace these bushes? I see the assembly fits in a body recess so can you actually remove the castellated nuts and remove the arms or is this a complete dismantle job? Any procedure tips appreciated ie do you put a jack under the wishbone to relieve the tension? Thanks Charles
  6. cotswold


    Well done Nigel, I didn't have the space to do up another Spit so bought mine for £7,200 fully restored so I reckon you did well. Have to say that I have used it more than the TR6 as it is actually more fun to drive on shorter distances. Good luck on the rebuild. Charles
  7. cotswold

    Car lifts

    Hello Seanlan, Just got back to this post and see that I had a PM but ts not in my box? I have decided that I will use my height adjustable ramps plus higher axle stands and buy a new trolley lift that lifts the car higher and faster. Thanks all Charles
  8. cotswold

    Car lifts

    Excellent thanks Mick and Paul. Mick your lifts look like they lift in between the wheels is that the case? I would like long ramps that lift the cars wheels like a 4 post lift does and gives me access to all the central area. Charles
  9. cotswold

    Car lifts

    I am sure that some of you out there have issues getting under the car. To date I have used a trolley Jack and axle stands but its just not high enough and my nose is pressed up against the underside of the car. I don't have the option of a pit but I need to get it higher. I have a low 7 foot ceiling so even if I could afford the luxury of a post lift one wouldn't fit.Having said that I just found a low post one out there but its ludicrously expensive (iro £5,000). I have searched for a pair of synchronised long hydraulic ramps that would lift the car leaving the centre area clear, seems simple enough but cant find anything. I was wondering if I bought two sets of hydraulic ramps (£117 a pair on ebay) and simply drove the car up one set then trolley jacked the rear until I could get the second pair of ramps under the rear wheels then pump them all up? Is there a more simple but cheaper solution? I saw a car display ramp for sale at £200 has anyone used one of these to work on a car? Any help appreciated Thanks Charles
  10. Refitting the metering unit in my 6 and tightening the steering column brackets on the Spitfire to eliminate vertical play, hopefully then a bit more sun for run. charles
  11. The clutch is Ok ish now. The pedal stop tab is removed the MC linkage has been tightened and the 4 unneeded washers I used to move the SC forward have been removed. I will wait until I meet a fellow TR6 owner at my next club meeting to compare clutch feel but I can select 1st and reverse without force or protest from the gearbox. The rough running at low revs noticeable when trundling in slow traffic has been diagnosed by Neil Ferguson who said he had never seen a metering unit so badly adjusted, can't wait to put it back in in time for the classic meets. My car now has Moss classic leather seats, a painted coach line and wire wheels and I think looks amazing so hopefully will now run like it looks.
  12. Just seen the Jaguar Imperial maroon and I agree with Stuart. I think this would look fantastic with all he TR4A chrome.
  13. Thanks, just discovered that it came from British Columbia Canada but I guess its the same procedure. Charles
  14. cotswold

    Car Rugs

    Hey John that looks great just ordered one myself
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