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  1. Wish I was married to a Duchess, I could do with one of those !
  2. This weekend I think I will get in the garage, turn up the heating and clean something on the Joker, while I'm in there with nothing much to do I will have time to dream of the fresh spring days. I'm sure I am suffering fro S.A.D
  3. Don't be embarrassed to ask anything on this forum everyone is happy to help, and it may be a question others are wanting to ask.
  4. It's strange how we spend money to keep the dog, £500 telly, the spare bedroom we haven't even been in for years and the wife warm and dry but neglect our £20k (and often more) pride and joy. My garage was built to the same spec as my kitchen with insulted floor, walls, roof and door along with central heating. I told the wife it was in case we ever wanted to turn it into a study, and she fell for it. The Joker sits in there snug as a bug in a rug. Magic
  5. Fired the Joker up ready for a run out when the weatherman forecasted dry afternoon, which never arrived! So had to take the Discovery. Did see a brave bloke out in a beautiful pale blue Healey, fantastic, made my day
  6. I need the make sure the Joker is still in there and start thinking about those warm spring days.
  7. Don't do it Neil, resist at all costs, marriage is over rated
  8. Last blast round the Cheshire countryside this afternoon to watch the Vulcan fly past, fantastic! Tucked the 6 up for winter, in the garage sorry Manfred
  9. Hopefully actually get my 6 OUT of the garage this weekend , between thunderstorms
  10. Never too old to learn something new, but a nervous afternoon I would think.
  11. Not going far this weekend as waiting for Granddaughter No 2, Angie (wifey) is like a cat on hot bricks waiting for the phone call. The 6 may get as far as the drive for a little sun and a polish.
  12. Daz

    Sticky Clutch

    Chuck the B&B Transit clutch away and get a proper Leycock TR one
  13. This weekend I hope to dust of the 6 and take it out for a blast, going to a show near Leek on Saturday, but the weather looks cr4p again......
  14. Just returned from Devon to find a cheque from Swansea for £95 so me a happy bunny.
  15. My V5C came back today but no refund !! :ph34r:
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