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  1. Thanks for your input all of you. I am now putting down in writing things I would like to see as a final result, and will contact a couple of potential restorers.
  2. I'm sure there are none! That said, I am quite confident there are good (and bad) restorers there as everywhere else. I have seen shops/sheds both here in Norway and in the UK, that I wouldn't have trusted either... It's all about what you get done for your cash, really.
  3. I have realized that time is something I don't have enough of at the moment, and have concluded that in order to get my 5 back on the road within a reasonable time frame, I need to get someone to do the restoration for me. It is literally a basket case, everything is in pieces. Absolutely everything must be done, but all parts are there and it in pretty good condition as well. Quite a bit of welding has to be done on the body tub, but the outer panels seem to be in pretty good shape. Obviously I need to set up a budget, but I have no good indications how much this will set me back worst case scenario. Anyone have some figures, and/or experience who wants to share some information? The intention is to do it back to original condition, with some tech upgrades of course, but mostly reuse parts that are good, and buy new replacements where needed. I have looked at a couple of "low cost" options both in Poland and Lithuania, anyone with experience or references? I would much prefer to have it done in the UK, but in the end it will all come down to the budget and cost picture. Oh, I forgot to mention that the car is in Oslo, so I need to have it transported as well, to either UK or Poland/Lithuania/Whereever, anyone with connection in that trade? Any input highly appreciated.
  4. Good evening from Oslo, My first post here, finally... after 16 years in the "family". I got my hands on what I believe to be a 1969 US TR6 engine, CC XXXXX HF. What I can't find any information about is the suffix HF on this engine. I know that H suggests that it is a high compression engine, but F...? I have never seen it on CC engines before. Could it just be that the stamp was badly done and it should say HE? And what does high compression mean on these engines - will it be 9,5:1 as on CP engines or is it 8,5:1 s on "normal" CC engines? Anyone? And while at it, what is the main differences on CP engines and CC engines apart from the compression and obvioulsy carb vs PI? Cam? Any help is appreciated. Knut Oslo | Norway
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