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    Mainly TR6's. I am now down to one of them now, I have totally restored five of them three to concours condition, the rest were to a high standard, restoring them mainly by myself. All information and photos about my TR6s' and the restoration of them are on my websites www.tr6pi.com www.tr6pi.co.uk www.tr6pi.info Also on the site is a buyers guide which hopefully will help potential buyers of their TR6 with a little advice.

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  1. Hi Westy, Look like TR6 top front wishbone poly bushes. two on each wishbone. Four on each side. Originally would have been rubber "Top Hats" I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Dave from a very hot Sunny Spain
  2. A belated Happy Birthday Conrad. I hope you had a good one. Dave from a hot sunny Spain
  3. Hi, I find that most suppliers are horrendously expensive, I find a lot of the time it seems they are making up the cost of the parts on the P+P., especially Ebay. There are private sellers also that seem to hike up the P+P cost to make more money, though not all. i agree a Jiffy bag could suffice. a lot of the time.. I too have paid more for the P+P to Spain, that the item cost if it is something I need asap. The Post Office used to be quite quick but now packages take 10 + days . Dave from a not so sunny Spain
  4. Hi, I believe it is off a 2.5pi saloon car. Kind Regards, Dave from a sunny hot and still locked down country.
  5. Hi All, I have had this original photo for many years. Year unknown to me. Liege-Rome-Liege. Registration KAT 99. Regards, Dave from Sunny Spain
  6. Hi Richard, Glad to hear you are a TR6 owner once again. Welcome back to the TR Register, I remember you well from the Coventry group when I was the group leader.. I hope you enjoy your new group, I am sure they will give you the same welcome as we did all them years ago. Kind Regards, Dave from sunny Spain
  7. Hi, Daft question really, but have you checked the tyre pressures? Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  8. Hi Keith, Take the runners off the seats and bend the ends straight in the vise. The holes will line up to these type of brackets. I hope this helps, Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  9. Hi Tom, I saw this on Ebay not sure if it fits yours or how to attach it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lucas-DR2-DL2-DR3-6W-Pair-Classic-Car-Wiper-Motor-Brushes-508170-17H5396/222986655185?epid=2093775382&hash=item33eb0a55d1:g:4GwAAOSwew5bArHh Regards, Dave from Spain
  10. Hi Iain, Originally the sills and bottom of the wings would have been coated with a rubberised substance called body Shutz. This is not impossible to do now, as the product is widely available, though not sure if available in a rattle can. if you have a compressor and a shutz gun, mask off the area above the swage line and at the back of the sill because it spits out everywhere, The Shutz if applied correctly should prevent the ingress of water. There should also be a trim finisher strip riveted along there. It looks as if it is a CR series car so would have had the wide sill finisher. I hope this helps. Dave from Spain
  11. Thanks Jose, will do. thanks. To all the TR people going to Pamplona, Have a safe journey and drive carefully. See you there. Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  12. Hi Jose, I spoke too soon. I just drove up the road to fill up ready for the trip and the, I assume the angle drive has gone again. So it's back to the drawing board, again. Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  13. Hi Roger, Strange that, I remember there was always a small sachet of red rubber grease in the Girling packet. Economising or knicked? Kind Regards, Dave from a sunny Spain after the "Gota Fria"
  14. Hi Jose, Sorry to hear that. After how many kms did it break? Was it another repro or a soldered repaired one like mine? As I am leaving for Pamplona, probably approx 1800 kms round trip next week , I am hoping that my soldered angle drive will last.Otherwise it is back to the drawing board, again. We shall see! Kind Regards, Dave from a cooler rainy Spain
  15. Hi, The 69 inch cable is what you need If you can get an extra inch one probably better.. I route it from the angle drive along the lip of the floor, curve it over the gearbox bell housing through the hole/grommet in the cover then up to the speedo. If it is a repro angle drive you may find that the cable is turning in the part that goes to the gearbox. See my post above. I have lost count how many times I have had the angle drive on and off, I have got it to a fine art now taking the seat out, pulling the carpet out and removing the cover plate. 10 minutes. I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Dave from a hot sunny Spain
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