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    Mainly TR6's. I am now down to one of them now, I have totally restored five of them three to concours condition, the rest were to a high standard, restoring them mainly by myself. All information and photos about my TR6s' and the restoration of them are on my websites www.tr6pi.com www.tr6pi.co.uk www.tr6pi.info Also on the site is a buyers guide which hopefully will help potential buyers of their TR6 with a little advice.

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  1. Ok Here's mine Dave from Sunny Spain
  2. cheers Stuart, They haven't on this diff. Thanks, Kind Regards, Dave from Sunny Spain
  3. Hi Peter, Thanks for your response. I forgot, if I use the castellated nuts a hole would have to drilled in the shaft for the split pin Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  4. Hello all, Can the 5/8"x15/16" nyloc nut on the differential inner axle of the shaft flange be substituted for the castellated nut also 5/8"x15/16" . Also is the washer a special one i.e collapsible. Thanks, Kind Regards Dave from Sunny Spain
  5. Thank you all for your input. Kind Regards, Dave from Sunny Spain
  6. Thanks Bruce. Problem is we do not get the same paint factors here in Spain as you do in the UK. Thanks John, he is going back to the DuPont paint factors tomorrow. .He did send me another photo of in the sun. don't know where the other was taken. Such a variation from the other photo . This one does look very near.
  7. Hi all, Your help is needed. I have a mate here in Spain who wants to change the paint from colour red back to the original which is ROYAL BLUE. I cannot visit him due to travel restrictions to a different region, Murcia. I live in Alicante The sample he supplied was not suitable, see below. He has not got a suitable sample to take to the paint shop. as the car is immobile. They have given him a trial pot which is DUPONT REFINISH POWER TINT B3/ B321. It looks more like Sapphire to me.. Bearing in mind he doesn't know other suppliers PPG etc any thoughts on the correct compos
  8. Hi Andrew, Many happy returns of the day. Dave from Sunny Spain
  9. Many happy returns, Stan. Stay safe. Dave from Spain
  10. I believe that that UK market cars were placed, as you have it., The USA cars have bigger petrol caps so fitted port to starboard. I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Dave from a very hot and sunny Spain
  11. Hi Westy, Look like TR6 top front wishbone poly bushes. two on each wishbone. Four on each side. Originally would have been rubber "Top Hats" I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Dave from a very hot Sunny Spain
  12. A belated Happy Birthday Conrad. I hope you had a good one. Dave from a hot sunny Spain
  13. Hi, I find that most suppliers are horrendously expensive, I find a lot of the time it seems they are making up the cost of the parts on the P+P., especially Ebay. There are private sellers also that seem to hike up the P+P cost to make more money, though not all. i agree a Jiffy bag could suffice. a lot of the time.. I too have paid more for the P+P to Spain, that the item cost if it is something I need asap. The Post Office used to be quite quick but now packages take 10 + days . Dave from a not so sunny Spain
  14. Hi, I believe it is off a 2.5pi saloon car. Kind Regards, Dave from a sunny hot and still locked down country.
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