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    Mainly TR6's. I am now down to one of them now, I have totally restored five of them three to concours condition, the rest were to a high standard, restoring them mainly by myself. All information and photos about my TR6s' and the restoration of them are on my websites www.tr6pi.com www.tr6pi.co.uk www.tr6pi.info Also on the site is a buyers guide which hopefully will help potential buyers of their TR6 with a little advice.

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  1. dave-lewis

    Seat Replacement

    Hi Ian, I just purchased a pair from him. Excellent. Just waiting for them to be shipped from UK to Spain. Bottom Farm Hatchers Lane Owslebury Nr Winchester Hampshire SO21 1LX Work shop number 01962 777800 Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Dave from sunny Spain
  2. dave-lewis

    Useful travelling spares list

    Hi, I too am going to the 50th anniversary celebrations of the TR6 in Osnabrück, N.Germany in May in my TR6 This is what I usually carry in my boot. It fits in the spare wheel. From my home in Spain it will be about 4200 KMS return. I am also going to the TR Register, Spain meeting in Pamplona probably about 900 KMS return. Dave from sunny Spain
  3. dave-lewis

    mx5 seats for a TR6

    Thanks to everyone, for all suggestions etc. especially to Tom Morrison, for offering to take them to his house and pack them for me. They are packed up ready for collection around the 20th. Thanks to the guys and gals that manned the TR Register stand at Stoneleigh for their hard work and Andy and Lin for the tea, coffee and biccies.I had a great day looking around and great to see old faces again. Kind Regards, Dave from Spain 6.30 am flight in the morning.
  4. dave-lewis

    mx5 seats for a TR6

    Thanks Sean, I have picked up my seats today. I can measure them now, the quandary I am in is how to pack them the most safe and economical way, and being able to get a cardboard box big enough and strong enough to take the two seats. ready for shipment to Spain. Thanks again, Dave from Spain in the UK 07791636485
  5. dave-lewis

    mx5 seats for a TR6

    Hi pkurzok, Can you please clarify. Thanks Kind Regards Dave in UK
  6. dave-lewis

    mx5 seats for a TR6

    Hi All, Can anyone advise me what the sizes of the back and squab of the Mk 2 MX 5 seats with the seperate head rest are? How is the best way to package and prepare a pair for transport to Spain? etc what is needed etc. Any suggestions would be a great help. Thanks in anicipation. See you on Sunday. Kind Regards, Dave from Spain now in the UK for the Triumph Spares Day, Stoneleigh
  7. dave-lewis

    1970 LHD CP series tachometer

    Thanks everyone for responding, hope to see you at Stoneleigh very soon. Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  8. dave-lewis

    1970 LHD CP series tachometer

    hi Roger, I did contact Alan T a long time ago, he said that he would let me know when his next batch would be done unfortutalately he did not. Hi Simon, possibly meet up and discuss? my UK mobile number is 07791 636 485 thanks for responding, Dave from Spain
  9. Hi all, Due to a faulty, poorly designed and manufactured angle drive which broke along with my tacho gauge,I am still after a TR6 CP Series Rev counter, in good working order, I have had no luck on the sales and wanted page. I have original, with the usual frayed ends Smiths angle drives which need repair if anyone can help me by repairing I would be grateful. Finally Anyone got an original rev counter cable 32 inch long again in good working condition. I can buy./ Please contact me.UK phone 07791 636 485 I will be at the Triumph MG show at Stoneleigh. in February can meet you there and discuss . I have a TR5, TR6 cylinder head for sale or exchange for what I require? can bring to the show. 516816 stamped on it. Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  10. dave-lewis

    Engine Noise.

    Hi Phil, Could it be the speedo cable near the angle drive? That is on the drivers side. Just a suggestion. Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  11. dave-lewis

    Tr6 website

    Hi Tom, Thanks for the nice comments, Tom. The engine problem should never have happened, caused a lot of unnecessary expense. Kind Regards, Dave from a sort of sunny Spain
  12. dave-lewis

    Tr6 website

    Hi all, I have added another page to my website www.tr6pi.com with photos of the second engine rebuild due to a sleeve dropping. Lot of photos on slide show. Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  13. dave-lewis

    TR6 Steering wheel 15 vs 14,5 inch - Advises

    It is difficult to get your arm through a 14.5" steering wheel to put the key in the ignition, it drove me mad, so I changed mine back to a 15", so much better and correct for my car year. Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  14. dave-lewis

    Vredstein Tyres

    Any good, Kind Regards, Dave from Spain
  15. Hi Dave, I see from an older post that you fitted a top tinted windshield to a TR6. I just wanted to know if this was the one supplied by Moss and if you had any problems with its fitment.


    1. dave-lewis



      Regarding the top tint screen. Yes it was purchased from Moss and it was fairly easy to install, really takes two people, one to push the glass and the other to pull the corded seal out on to the screen.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      Dave from Spain

    2. Rotodyne

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