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  1. Hi all, I'm pondering hood storage in the boot, my thoughts are either place the hood on the spare tyre and the cover it with a suitable piece of plywood on a couple of runners to stop pressure damage or some sort of plywood lid attached to the boot frame. Has anybody done this ? any thoughts, advice or photos would be helpful. Regards Ron
  2. ronhatch


    Thanks all, some interesting posts. I'll get a bigger bag Regards Ron
  3. ronhatch


    Hi Rodger, I will carry the usual jack and brace etc. but a multi meter would be useful Cheers
  4. ronhatch


    Hi all, I am putting together an emergency toolkit for my 1962 TR4 . I will include the usual set of spanners, an adjustable spanner, hammer, gaffer tape, screwdrivers, pliers, length of wire, points, condenser,feeler gauges and torch. Is there anything you can think of that I might need, something that you've stood by the roadside thinking "I wish I would have brought that" Please don't include welder,compressor,engine lift or competent mechanic etc. as they would be too big for the bag Regards Ron
  5. Thanks Rob for your stalwart efforts, I was probably over thinking the job, if the thermostat is reading ok and the engine is not boiling over it should be fine. I was probably just a bit anxious after the rebuild, I've adjusted the fan to cut in at a lower temp and will adjust as needed. Thanks to all for your input. Regards Ron
  6. I have only water in the system at the moment
  7. Hi Rob, thanks for the reply. The temp gauge is reading hot but I suspect it maybe the volt stabiliser and I have ordered a new solid state one, the car doesn't boil over and the rad cap is 7lbs but I have kept my eye on the cooling because of the temp gauge hence the check and it has only just been rebuilt. What should the temp difference be between the head and the thermostat housing ? Regards Ron
  8. Hi All, My TR4 temp at the thermostat housing is about 82c when measured with an infra red thermometer but the head temp is higher at about 112c . Is this normal ? Regards Ron
  9. Hi all, after putting off the hood fitting for ages I finally decided to do it today as the weather has warmed up, I have read a lot of items regarding the fitting process and I could forsee the problems and the chance of having a hood sagging or with ripples in it so not a task for the faint of heart ( hence the delay ) I also had a sore thumb the result of a very close encounter with a hammer head ! and so I was dubious about my ability to pull the hood tight to get the correct fit as it looked about 6 inches short So I had another coffee and a think, I decided to reverse the hinge brack
  10. Hi all, I have decided to paint my TR4 Velasquez cream but as it is a complete colour change I have no parts for the paint supplier to match, they tried on their system but it gave no results Does anybody know where I could get a swatch of this paint or failing that has anybody got some that they could put on a piece of card and send to me, or is there another paint colour that is a near match ? Regards Ron
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