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  1. Hi Stuart, if the old rack needs to be longer because it is mounted higher does that mean if I use a later chassis and a later rack to suit it wont need the inner rods changing ? Regards Ron
  2. Hi Stuart, thanks for the reply, is this the part that the track rod ends screw on to ? part number 128023 in the rimmers book ? Regards Ron
  3. Hi all, on my new rebuild (mark 2, productivity is up this year ) I scrapped the old early chassis as it was full of rust and I picked up a good late tr4 chassis, I intend to use all the old running gear but I need to change the steering rack which I have obtained. I read about the different lengths and when compared side by side the later one is shorter, can I use the old pin and balls so that it is compatible with the old steering gear ? Regards Ron
  4. Hi all, I am thinking of doing something different with the rear seat, it would seem its only function would be as a hood frame receptacle. As mine didn't come with any trim anyway I thought I would do something practical in this area, I know it wont be authentic but I would like some ideas of what could be done, with photos if anybody has got any. Regards Ron
  5. cheers all for the replies
  6. Hi all, I need to replace 1 outrigger on my TR4 does anybody know the correct gauge and size and suppliers if possible ? Regards Ron
  7. ronhatch


    It is the female part that is sweated into the tank
  8. ronhatch


    Hi Pete, the thread is damaged so I need to replace it, thanks for the link Stuart, what size is it ? Regards Ron
  9. ronhatch


    Hi all, the female outlet on my TR4 fuel tank is knackered but I can't find a replacement from the usual places any ideas where I can get one ? Regards Ron
  10. ronhatch


    Hi all, Engine rebuild time, I'm using the the original pistons and liners, all within tolerance with new rings. I marked all the liners to match the pistons and also the way they faced but I seem to remember someone suggesting that it is better to turn them 90 degrees if so what are the pluses and minuses of this ? Regards Ron
  11. thanks for the replies, it would seem I can cut them out and insert new ones, I was thinking of using sealant Rodger but thanks for the thought, happy christmas to all Regards Ron
  12. Hi all, I need to replace 2 pushrod tubes on a TR4 head which have rusted through, are they pressed in or are they just pushed in and flared to seal ?. I am preparing the head for unleaded conversion and so I have complete access. Regards and seasons greetings Ron
  13. ronhatch


    Hi Andrew, I didn't think of that, cheers Ron
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