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  1. Thanks for the reply Rodger, did triumph fit a smaller size of iron fitting as I have 2 heads with different size irons and a 3rd one ( the original one) with the smaller iron fitting and an adapter/reducer to suit the valve, curious but not the first time with triumph Regards Ron
  2. Hi Graham, Thanks for the reply. The iron bend on my head has a smaller diameter thread than the heater control valve, the original head has a reducer from the valve to the iron bend but I couldn't use that head, the one I used has the iron bend but no reducer, I am loathe to swap them in case they shear and cause more problems as the head is now attached. My other TR4 has the iron bend with the correct thread to take the valve, it may be an earlier version but the thread is smaller, can anybody enlighten me ? Regards Ron
  3. Hi all , can anyone tell me what are the sizes of the reducer between the heater spigot on the TR4 head and the heater valve or the part number, I can only see the long one in the catalogues. Regards Ron
  4. Hi all, I am replacing all the seals on my TR4 overdrive, there doesn't appear to be a seal for the brake ring, is this just a liquid sealant ? Regards Ron
  5. ronhatch


    Cheers Stuart, I found a photo and the earlier number is the correct box for the TR4, but thanks for the reply, I'm going to open it up to inspect and replace all the seals. Regards Ron
  6. ronhatch


    Hi all, I'm currently rebuilding a TR4 and I have a TR4A to start in a later life, both have O/D gearboxes but they have been that long in the shed that I forget which belongs to which and I want to match the original with its own car. The TR4 is 1962 and the A is 1966 the gear boxes are numbered C (Maybe G)T 3511 and GR81574 , logic says that the 3511 is the earlier box but Triumph had that many configurations it was confusing so I hope there is an oracle out there who can help . Regards Ron
  7. Hi Kevin,thanks for the reply, I decided to take it all apart rather than a*se about and try a quick fix of just trying to tighten the pinch bolt. On the bench I could see the ends were bent about a bit but I noticed at the front side was a slight bend in the metal (obvious now I actually looked at it properly ) which would reduce the hole to allow just the inner cable through. Blowlamp , a bit of bending, jobs a goodun. Regards Ron
  8. Hi All, I have got to constantly adjust the choke cable outer sleeve as it always slips through the cable retaining clamp (aue55 in the rimmer book), has anyone got a solution to this problem ? Regards Ron
  9. Thanks for the photos Peter they explained the problem clearly. Cheers Ron
  10. I ordered new bolts from rimmers which arrived today and they screw in quite easily and don't bind, I will check tomorrow though. Looks like I will have to hunt down a pair of brackets, anyone got any ? Regards Ron
  11. Hi Peter, It looks like I have the Type B brackets and the smaller disc, If I change the brackets will I be able to use the 16p calipers ? Regards Ron
  12. Hi Peter, the discs are 10 13/16, it was the first thing I checked Regards Ron
  13. Hi all, I am rebuilding an early TR4 with the early front suspension setup, when I bought the "project" it did not have the front brake calipers, no problem I thought I have a spare pair of 16Ps . Having refurbished them I attempted to install them today they don't fit ! the dimension from the bolt holes to where they sit above the disc edge is too small ! I assume that the mounting setup is for an earlier B type caliper does this have a bigger dimension ? Frustrating but a good excuse for a calming beer Regards Ron
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