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  1. Paulc

    Radiator Shroud

    i am getting a black one from TRGB on Saturday plus a pair HS6
  2. Hi All As a novice getting and eager to get head reworked to stage 2 and unleaded conversion, I used the rope in the piston trick to get the head off, after wrestling with it for some time and managing to get all but 2 studs out using the 2 nut process. well the head popped off with a quick turn of the starter. But when all was back together with reworked head and fast cam timed in, the engine developed a knocking sound meaning the Big End were gone, which was not the case before the rebuild. I changed the big end bearings which has resolved the knock. I have put this down to the Rope method and do not recommend it although I am sure my crank is loving the new bearings Wish me luck its MOT tomorrow and a pair of HS6 SU’s Saturday, then Sunny Summer Driving from then onwards Your naive novice Paul
  3. This weekend i will be mostly fitting to my as was US spec 1972 Stage 2 unleaded head Piper fast road cam Phoenix big bore system Fosseway ventilated 4 pot brakes Hi torque starter Uprated alternator New coil and leads Rechromed bumpers Inertia belts which is a lot for me so starting tomorrow morning, now all of the cleaning has been completed wish me luck and see you at the Blyton Track day Paul
  4. Having mine rechromed with the bumpers at colonnade, they said it's more work to do and quoted £60
  5. Paulc

    A list of upgrades

    Hi and thanks for advice / words of wisdom I have decided to book car in at enginuity for new phionex big bore system ( no manifold) ignition upgraded to Petronix and hs6 conversion from southern carbs as enginuity recommend this as being cheeper and more reliable than getting stormbergs rebuilt. They will also be guiding car through MOT ounce I get bumpers back from colonnade and have seat belts from quickfix order placed in July but they are waiting for decent chrome work, been promised and of March. Kevin the only cooling work is revotec electric fan and oil cooler. Regards Paul
  6. Bumper chroming I have been researching this and have found some good streams on the forum. But feel I should share my findings. This is to have front and rear chromed, small dents removed and optional bumper bars holes filled and removed. I provided photos to providers with the following quotes. Colonnade quoted £600 but this changed when inspected on site to £850 + vat to include number plate light. http://www.douglasmf.comquoted £1,200 to £1,500 plus vat not including the number plate light. Http://www.ashfordchroming.comquoted £900 to £1,150 + vat for work as above. I have decided to go with colonnade and dropped them off earlier today, very nice chap suggested that the price would be more like £850 as the front bumper is out of true and one of the rear corners has some small dents and the number pate light will cost an additional £70. Hoping for good quality and process seems similar for all, so will report on workmanship in due corse when the 8 to 12 weeks lead time has elapsed. In the mean tome look forward to views and opinions. Paul
  7. Hi all, I am looking to take my lhd us spec 6 out to live on the algarve as a weekend car. Before I do this I am thinking of performing some upgrades to make the car more reliable, as it has a habit of missing when accelerating. Some background first, had car commissioned and mot after import by TRGB last year 'great job'. New shox all round and bushes trunnions etc, oil cooler, hoses and electric fan. Plus tyres, hood and red leather interior. Car is from California so tin worm free. White paint needs sorting but that's next years work. So here is my list of upgrades, 1, replace stormbergs with hs6 kit from SU-carbs 2, replace what looks like original exhaust with Phoenix ss manifold and big bore sports from tr shop 3, have head converted to lead free 4, have distributor converted to 123 ignition And don't tell the wife how much I have spent Anything I have missed or should do at the same time. I also like the look of the fosseway vented break upgrade. I intend to do the work myself. Can anyone suggest a good place to take my head for the conversion. I am in wapping East London so expect to have to travel. Thanks in advance Paul
  8. Can anyone recomended a powder coater that will do my tr6 grille as my local guy at armourtex won't touch it, although he happily did my wheels (and very nicely too) Also thinking of getting badge re enamelled Would prefer a London or South East places if possible Thanks all Paul
  9. Hi my first post here I am looking for a garage to get my engin tuned, I have a USA 6 with twin stormbergs that runs a bit lumpy over 3000 rpm Any help recommendations gratefully received paul
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