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  1. Speed

    Got my new wheels

    they looks fantastic, nice one..
  2. always difficult to price by anyone not seeing the car and after that taking back poor areas to find any hidden issues, always try to take the car to a few places and you can then get a more accurate quote and see the quality of the work they do, can recommend a brilliant paint chap who has restored tr's in between Colchester and Chelmsford, PM me if required, but take your time as you will live with it for a while and worth doing well, will only also help resale if done properly, all the best
  3. Speed

    My TR6 Photo

    good luck, lovely to have one to roll out and start working on although all those years for sure I coudnt have left her.... send us pics we all love pics
  4. Speed

    Car Display Virgin

    well done, I'm sure many enjoyed taking a peek
  5. Speed


    I also think the fuel pump is worth looking at carefully, does sound like fuel starvation as opposed to electrical
  6. really cool, nice one
  7. Speed


    silence is not golden in my book, get some induction or pipe noise on the go
  8. bloody hell good advice, glad you caught it in time, I expect you have a fire extinguisher to hand but for all that don't a worthwhile purchase !
  9. yep A triple, possibly the best two stroke noise particulary with expansion pipes, have owned one and 2 gt750 suzukis or kettles, have chucked in classic bikes now excepy for fizzing and going whole hog on my schoolboy dream of a 6
  10. Thanks, its is great fun, use it a lot as well have done 500 plus miles on it this year, always brings pleasure and laughs with a plump chap ridint it lol. I will take it along to a local TR meet when one comes up so you may see her as we are both Essex based
  11. think some polish would look lovely on it, nice job too
  12. Yep, a 72 SS version, ie the one before they put fs1e on the side this has SS, its rare and matching and all correct without pattern parts except exhaust as you cant obtain or salvage them, ground up resto, had one when 16 and just love pottering around on it, always good for a crowd
  13. ok can shed some light her based on many an old bike tank needing sorted, I have used white vinegar and soaked tanks for 2 weeks, then used light gravel, wrapped in sheets and put in the tumble drier, she wasnt chuffed her indoors with that but it works, some people have also used coca cola as that will also strip loose rust. I have used the por set up, make sure the room is ventilated well and you use slow motions holding it for longer in the process timewise for the corners, then leave it to dry for days until you are really sure its sealed, after that mine have been fine, you must do it properly as it you get it wrong or rush it and need to remove it thats a tough job or bits coming off will leave you by the roadside, a really good purchase off ebay is a camara on a bendy rod you can connect to your laptop and see in all places great tool for many purposes so than no guesswork on coverage or debri before you start attached a pic of my latest machine for all your seventies dudes
  14. Speed

    Nearly done

    thank you Mark, will get this sorted
  15. Speed

    Nearly done

    thanks all, will get this firewall situation checked out as well she will look pretty standard overall just a touch lower ignoring the roll bar and maybe revolutions , sorry all purists
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