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  1. Hi Kev have you anymore of those Swirl pot Fuel Tanks for the TR6 that you made a few yr ago. 

  2. Hi I only wanted to know about cup holders The one that I fitted was out of a Vw polo 2005 I think.
  3. Just fitted this one double cup holders fits lovely under the glove box.
  4. Does anyone know off any good cup/bottle holders
  5. Hi I have design a small alloy fuel tank that fits in the spare wheel well about 4lts.the tank doesn't into fear with the spare wheel . I have sold a few of these now and they will cure this problem of cutting out on low fuel and misfiring on cornering Give me a ring 07788437528 kev
  6. Kevart

    Fuel in tank

    Hi I have now had a couple of tanks made here is a picture
  7. Kevart

    Fuel in tank

    Hi Roger many thanks for that sorted now Kev
  8. Kevart

    Fuel in tank

    Hi I had the tank made and it works great Iam having another two made should be with me next week. I have fitted mine with the Bosch fuel pump which is also fitted in the spare wheel hole. The tank fitting is very easy I can supplie you with pipes and clips and diagram how to fit ,you don't have to remove the main tank The price is £120 x post Kev
  9. Hi The best way to get broken bolts out of is to weld large nut onto the broken bolt my ways of a mig welder Just hold the nut with a pair of grip over the broken bolt and weld though the center Welds the nut to the broken bolt and the heat will losen the bolt then unscrew You might have to do this a couple of time Works for me al the Time. Good luck
  10. Kevart

    Fuel Pump

    Hi I fitted a second fuel tank in boot well it's fill from gravity only and is all ways full of fuel since doing no more problem with fuel I posted a picture of this under (fuel in tank ). On this site
  11. Kevart

    Fuel in tank

    Hi it work great I was looking at buying a new fuel tank and a new fuel pump (the pump got very noisy when fuel level dropped ) but since I've done this the fuel pump can't here any more nice and quite the the small tank is constantly full off fuel.
  12. Kevart

    Fuel in tank

    Hi I can draw what I've done re supply pipe and return pipes There is 2 supply pipe (one spare) just in case I needed to put another outlet from main tank 1x return from PRV 1x return back to main tank 1x feed to fuel pump Also can get the tanks made They are made buy someone who makes fuel tanks all day long The price of the tank is £125 They fit in the well with a 185x70x15 tyre but the tank could be made smaller or bigger to accommodate larger / smaller wheel.
  13. Kevart

    Fuel in tank

    Hi john I should have put additional fuel tank. Doesn't take any extra room in boot It's great to drive it now and not have to crawl around corners or round about when you get low on fuel !!! The extra tank holds about 3 to 4 lt fuel. I just couldn't work it out at first thought is was some kind of blockage but when emptying tank you could here the noise change of the fuel pump. The last 3 gallon being sucked out of the tank by the Bosch fuel pump was full off air bubbles. After fitting the extra tank it seem to have solved the problem. We also added extra fuel inlet on top of new tank just in case We needed to put extra outlet on old tank but it doesn't seem to need it.
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