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  1. Also, I assume used in reverse, equally good in filling a diff rather than trying to fill with a 1 litre bottle and tube...
  2. But what about the diff, with no bottom drain plug? Rich
  3. Crikey Johnny Mine looks positively mint compared to you old one, you must have bigger spiders/ rats in the east or the gators got to it
  4. Hi I am looking to replace my (soggy,saggy and perforated) original Gearbox tunnel, there seem to be a number of different materials (plastic or fibreglass) and suppliers. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks Rich
  5. I have had a response back from Moss also confirming that the CP Supercharger, is "no longer available, it is currently being re-designed, however no due date when available" (Kit 150-118). I have asked what element they are "redesigning" would be interested to know.... Rich
  6. The Moss Supercharger for CP UK cars is now NLS... ?? I was saving my pocket money for that..
  7. What do you use to join the rear wings to the rear deck. Or use a small rubber beading trim strip, or fill with flexible filler and spray over. Any proven methods welcome Thanks Rich
  8. New speedo and tacho cables,realising my gearbox tunnel seems to be made from soggy hardboard! Moss !!!!££££
  9. Had the pleasure of fixing my drive today... Ordered new drive and right angle as prep, but found that the drive "spring" had frayed seized and caused the drive to snap, but the original looking (brass lock ring) right angle, looked good once cleaned, undid the little screw, filled with light 3in1, and reassembled.. So new cable and drive original right angle.. Works well, but a bit wobbly, past 75 Rich
  10. ah, Dremmel of course, one for my christmas list!
  11. I also have the pleasure of replacing the speedo drive this weekend, but have been told you remove the seat and the y frame, then can just lift one side up to access the drive... I assume your route you still need to cut out the inspection holes anyway, I may consider same option then for future oil changes, but presumably you still remove the tunnel this once and cut out using a fine jigsaw blade? Rich
  12. Same model, but cheaper than Maplin!
  13. I have one of these from Maplin.. http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/jpl-ultra-7000-ultrasonic-cleaner-075-litre-a46hq Great for rings, watches etc, Rich
  14. Mike The link I pm'd you shows my linkage on a RHD car, if you want other photo angles just let me know..... Copied below for ref https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6vw2kx0a0utx17t/AABwFNGTmoB3p1EK7zvgSndMa
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