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  1. Anonymous LIKE from me. Glad you got this resolved.
  2. Hope you and Sue had a lovely anniversary Graeme.
  3. The metal plate is just screwed onto the back of the wooden dash so if you feel adventurous you could pull the dash forward and unscrew it.
  4. Hi John, I can't comment on the Bonding, but I replaced the bottom of one of my TR6 doors this way. Used a piece of 20 gauge steel, joddled the edge, shoved it up underneath the existing edge and welded. I formed the foldback edges with a couple of 90 degree steels in the vice. There was some filler required but not loads, and the first picture is of how it looks today. Hope this helps. Sean
  5. Hi Andy, Throughout my build I found Elin Yakov's videos on youtube very informative. He doesn't do everything by the book, but to me being able to watch someone doing it and rewind and watch again was invaluable. He has more than one video on cam timing. Just my suggestion. HTH Sean
  6. Andrew, I hadn't seen the offending posts, so thanks for pointing this out. John's post did not make this clear (to me anyway) and I hope I didn't cause any offence. I am a great supporter of the recently new moderation team but my overriding sense as a regular forum user, is that recently there has been way too much moderation for my liking. I am a traditionalist when it comes to the right to free speech and defending it. Cheers all. Sean
  7. Anonymous big dislike from me John
  8. SeanF

    Wind Deflector

    Are you being shortist Andrew? From where I'm standing (on a box), 5' 6" is a great height to be
  9. That's a beautiful car Dan and a lovely picture. You don't really need any backdrop to make that baby look good
  10. Thanks Brian. That's Charlie. He has to approve everything I do
  11. Thanks Tony, There are pics of my tank repaint job in another thread here - I think in What you did in your garage this weekend" (or whatever its called). I basically tried to measure and eyeball the lines before I stripped it down then tried to put it back as it was. I'll post them again if you cannot find or are interested. She was complete, but in a sorry state when I took delivery at the end of January, but lucky that lockdown quickly intervened and came to her rescue. She came to me from New Jersey, via a dealer in Denmark. The 3 pics below show her condition on the day she arrived. I have not re-chromed anything, just cleaned and polished as well as I could. The chrome is not brilliant up close, but very presentable from a distance . She's had the top end re-done - barrels honed, new piston rings, valves re-ground etc, all new brake hydraulics including two new master cylinders but the rest was cosmetic apart from new tyres. The ally engine cases came up really nice with some wet sanding followed by metal polishing using a cheap kit for the drill from ebay. I've just discovered oil leaking from the front forks, so that's the next job....back to the youtube university to find out how to do that one! Cheers. Sean
  12. Nothing wrong with Oil in Frame Bonnies Tony. Here's my 76 American import after a bit of a spruce up. BTW I found the re-registration process to be very simple so still an option if it doesn't sell.
  13. I used this product and am very pleased with the result. https://www.dodomat.com/products/dodo-dead-mat-hex-roll At the time it was much cheaper than fatmat or some of the other better known names. Seems to work very well and one roll did the whole car. HTH Sean
  14. Thanks Stuart. I'll change the points and see if it goes away. Thanks to everyone else for their input to this also. Sean
  15. I found Elin Jakov's videos very helpful when doing this job. There's a second video - part 37 dealing with hood also
  16. Hi Dave, I used Simoniz Gloss Black aerosol can. Very durable finish and still looking good. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/1448990183?iid=301059684531&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=301059684531&targetid=908661474856&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1006977&poi=&campaignid=10199638297&mkgroupid=101938342477&rlsatarget=pla-908661474856&abcId=1145987&merchantid=138816236&gclid=CjwKCAjwx9_4BRAHEiwApAt0zh-z-vOZZBvYnYa00M41eHK8kyFzB7gbWjVcBafZlbBzkFMJ_JGvzhoCKRcQAvD_BwE
  17. Thanks Stuart, will do. I discovered another "issue" yesterday and wondered if this is a common thing or what I should do. My dizzy was refurbished by Martin Jay, again 1500 miles ago. A few weeks ago I had a problem with a misfire and I discovered that the spring side of the points was riding upwards on the cam so that the points faces were not aligned properly. I thought I must have disturbed them, pushed the spring side back down on the pivot and all was good. Misfire gone. Yesterday I took the cap off and discovered the points riding up on the cam again see pic below. I haven't had the miss again, but they obviously haven't ridden up enough to affect the spark. I took the points out to check if the spring side was bent or something like that. The faces were pitted in an off centre way. I resurfaced the points and replaced . Couldn't find anything wrong. Started her up and ran for 5 minutes. Took the cap off and its riding up again. Obviously have some kind of problem. Seen this before? Thanks
  18. Thank you all for your replies. Stuart, I've tried to run it in as per the various discussions on here ie driving to the comfortable rev limit in each gear uphill etc and allowing it to decelerate using the gears. Have not been babying it to my knowledge. She generally drives really well but doesn't get driven enough though. Rich, it's not burning a drop of oil. Have a little drip leak but even that do not affect the oil level. Thanks again everyone. Good to know mine is the same as others.
  19. Afternoon all, When I start my 6 from cold with the choke I get quite a bit of white smoke and very rich smelling fumes. This morning I put my hand to the exhaust pipes immediately after starting, and I got two nice black sooty circles on my hand together with some condensation as per the pic below Not oily, and the soot seems to be dry. Is this normal, or do I have a problem that needs further investigation? The car is newly refurbished and has only done 1,500 miles since the engine rebuild. This included bores honed, new piston rings, hardened valve seats, reground crank, new bearings etc etc. Once warmed up enough to release the choke, the white smoke goes and it does not smoke when driving. My sense is that it is running a bit too rich but I don't have a clue really. The whole PI system including MU was refurbed by Neil Ferguson as part of the rebuild. I would appreciate any thoughts on whether this is an issue or not. I am old enough to remember when every other garage door and wall in the country had a big black circle on Cheers, Sean
  20. I'm pretty sure I saw him rummaging through the stalls at Stoneleigh MG/Triumph spares day earlier this year. Did anyone else notice?
  21. Mine is newly re-built about 1500 miles ago...... and it rattles like a rattly thing. Door innards are a big culprit. All renewed with new seals, new foam, velcro in the liners, everything I can think of tight, felt between all the touching surfaces eg where the bottom channel stay touches the middle bracket and wraps around the channels each side and it still rattles over every bump. Latest suspect is the door handle itself which has an adjustable bolt mechanism to actuate the catch. The bolt has a lock nut but it's impossible to actually lock down so after a few miles it starts to rattle again. Also get lots of groans and moans from behind the dash even though everything is tightened down and all the stays are in place. Inevitable really I suppose given that its basically lots of different materials screwed together (wood, steel, plastic, ) and the body flexes so much. As everyone says though, it's definitely part of the charm.
  22. This made me laugh. Couldn't resist....
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