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  1. Hi, In the 1982 part book (RTC9828CC) it listed under that number but the 1977 TR7 & TR8 part book (RTC 9029B) have 2 part number the other being TKC4017. Give that a try and see what it come up with. And Yes I do have a lot off parts book. And I see you come from Surrey and have a Marco a old friend off my use to live in Reigate and had a Marco in about 1974 I love that car at the time.
  2. Hi Think that might be the Low Fuel Delay Units it stop the low fuel light flickering. If I remember it only on the late TR7 and are hard to find. Peter
  3. Hi, Yes Irv still have HOT he live in Wales and use it as his only car. He had it rebuild some year back and now a odd green and lost the surrey top. Do you remember his TR2 it was know as Rainbow and was off the road when I joint. I went to help pick up the bits off it a long time back he still have some but it now fit in a shoe box Peter
  4. What is the failure mode on these? My fuel and temp gauges pegged themselves ( to the high end ) today, correcting themselves after some time. What else could be the culprit? Cheers, Tom Hi With the Voltage Stabiliser remove I found the temp gauge when right over to high, do not know about the fuel gauge as was to worry about the temp untill i work out what was wrong. With the voltage stabiliser back all was OK and my car a TR250. Peter
  5. Hi You could try Lite Steer they use on a lot off VW camper vans and seem to be OK. They now do other classic car and said they have fitted one to a TR2. Peter
  6. Red is a **** colour, particularly signal red! Cheers Andrew So you not to old to learn! Peter
  7. No you wrong it was Donington 1979 well I think it was Peter
  8. Back to H21 I had the wrong rally Peter This is the best I could get to post
  9. A phot from the past Let see who can come up with the date and place I can think off one who might Peter
  10. H31 is not a work car. I have two photograph off it in the 63 Monte Rally that I pick up a coupler of years back at the time I check it up and found out that it was a private enter car by a well know drive of the time who name I have now forgot. I have a third photograph off a TR3a racing with the same number. I do not know if the car is still about but I think the number H31 is still in use but not on a TR Peter
  11. My 250 have no hole in the lower valence and it look not to have be replace. I do think some time Triumph just fitted what was to hand that day. Good luck with it Peter
  12. My old TR4A have a surrey top and I have to say I found no trouble with the soft section it was easy to fit and did not come off , I have now fitted a surrey top to my TR250 and have one off the Revington top I find it hard to fit and it keep coming lose. The well know TR garage that fitted it said they found it harder to fit and I have to say that I seen some the do not look that good when fitted, so I would stick with the Triumph type and just change the header rail. Peter
  13. No but I had YAC 239X for a number off years. Thare a lot off YAC ???X out there and most are blue or gold Peter
  14. Hi There a small filter on the pick up in the tank this can block up and cut the fuel feed try blowing back dowen the fuel pipe hard Peter
  15. Hi Retromobile I got my book there last year but from a Italian book shop how that a book about English car got in France from a Italian. Did you see that TR3a pedel car? that was in the auction it was bad and I think it sold for £1400. Did not think the show was that good this yers full off English cars I can see them at home still it better then the London show and cost less to get in. Peter
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