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  1. If at all possible,do not! , DO NOT!, Ever sell your prized Tr 5 ,it does absolutely nothing but break a mans heart! ( It’s been the hardest of days)
  2. Ur1328


    Had my 5 out for a jolly on Saturday when all of a sudden it started missing on one cylinder,so drove home and put it away,ever so slightly disappointed, anyway started the usual diagnostics the next morning to find that no1 injector wasnt doing anything at all ! I had a sudden rush of blood to the head and decided to see if I could strip it down, and by jolly gingo! How surprised was I to find how easy !! To bits it came,inspect it was , reassembled, refitted , and spraying like a trooper it now is! Very nearly a great day!! Why was it not? You might be wondering. Well! I watched the very informative video of how to make an indicator buzzer with LED for a TR5 ,very helpfully supplied with all the part numbers required so as RS could supply you with the necessary articles ,so took said numbers and was told by RS that I would receive parts in 3 days,which I was,,,,,,,,,its a pity only the buzzer and resistor are correct!!! The LED and Bridge Rectifier bare no resemblance whatsoever to the video. So! Hayho! Back to RS in the morning for another bash!!!!
  3. Ur1328

    Ebay 5

    Apart for no injection system,body trim missing,no reverse lights ,I'm sure other doubts will be expressed!
  4. Ur1328

    Road Rage

    It never even entered my head that I would encounter road rage while driving my TR, but just goes to show how wrong I was!! While traveling north on the A19 toward the Wynyard Hall turnoff ,I started to overtake a car traveling at around 65 mph ,looked into my rear view mirror and saw that I had plenty of space to do so,I indicated and started my manoeuvre ,glanced back into the mirror again to witness the 4x4 in the inside lane immediately behind me floor it to obviously stop me in my tracks,,, which he didn't ,let me tell you! . The ensuing hand signals from said 4x4 driver as he eventually and inevitable overtook me only strengthened my desire to kick his wick in!! and if I could have caught up to said " penis cranium "is exactly what would have ,very happily and enjoyably happened ! But alas,twas not to be!!!!
  5. When I was searching for a 5 I'd seen many a lovely picture of BUP 4F and thought ' now that would be the perfect 5 for me' what with it being a UP registration and the area where I'm from and still live.Lovely lovely car!
  6. It could be a sketch between John Cleese Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, But "I" like,nay,LOVE my Tr5, BECAUSE it has those two extra pots! ( . )( . ) !!!
  7. Yes the points are under the cap! It was just pulling in intermittently,sometimes not at all,but as soon as the points were cleaned I could hear the difference .I took my solenoid off from underneath by bending a spanner to 90 degs,cleaned and tried it on a battery before refitting.
  8. I had this same problem with mine ,and found that it was dirty points on the solenoid for the overdrive,after a quick clean everything was spot on!
  9. I've always carried spare plugs,leads, dizzy cap,hoses and rotor arms since purchasing the car,but apparently all of the rotor arms have been substandard! That is until my new bestest friend Dizzy Doc sold me his finest of wares .
  10. Fuel pump went south on my Tr, A mate of mine who has vintage race cars has used them and told me " Demon Tweeks will keep you right!" They did be buggered! I told them from the start that I needed a fuel pump that operated at 7bar,105 psi,This was STRESSED right from the get go! One of the telesales fella's asked me for the number off the original and he cross referenced it,and told me which pump I needed, OK! I said I'm going to go onto your website and take a look at said pump, I notice that the next pump up in the same range delivered more litrage per hour,so to be on the safe side I plumbed for that.Ordered and paid for over the phone.recieved some days later and fitted.Car would not start ,not one bat of life! So started to investigate the pump supplied only to find that it ,and that range of pumps were only 3bar! So! Much much phoning by me as I could not get Thieving Freaks to call back but for once in all of the many many phone calls that we're to come.Anyway after much argument,Thieving Freaks said because the pump had be fitted and because the pump I had ordered was not the pump they advised ( even though that range of pumps are only rated to work at 3 bar constant,and not 7 bar that was specified) they would not reimburse me! Oh! and that was after I got the original salesman to admit he had advised the wrong pump and issued me with a return code number . The upshot is I now own a £90 3 bar pump for decoration ( when they send it back) and a new 7bar pump running my Tr as sweet as a nut, from Moss ( absolutely no bother )Brothers
  11. To anyone thinking of using a company called Demon Tweeks, please! please! Be very very careful, I was recommended to use them.Never! Never! Again!.What a shower!! Demon Tweeks! More like Thieving Freaks. £90 down ,but a little wiser for it.
  12. I am now one Doctor Dizzy Disciple! What a difference a new Bosch pump plus trusty Red Rotor Arm has made to the Little Red Rooster.If in future the Doc needs an organ transplant, God forbid,I've told him that I would have no objection to the wife helping out. Once again thanks for all the help Gents!
  13. Had a run out with petrol cap open today ! No change! Phone Dizzy Doctor explained the symptoms to him and he's almost sure it rotoritise,so two new rotor arms winging their way as we speak.Im off the Manchester then South Molton so it will be next week before I report the outcome.Again,I would thank you for the help given.
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