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  1. Switch was live and clearly the fuse-box was live when given 12v, the fault was within the loom twixt ignition socket and fuse-box , I connected a separate wire to the Ignition wire pre junction box and routed it to the rear of the appropriate fuse using spade connector as original and all works perfectly. In the summer maybe a sub-loom swap? Cheers brian
  2. All fully functioning now, replaced the Alternator while I was at it,many thanks for all the suggestions and comments Regards Brian
  3. Yes my thoughts too, I replaced the switch with a new one...no difference
  4. Nothing soi far has had any effect as I say very much like an immobiliser....but...Right then...been outside had yet another check all to no avail, however in my changing the fuses...again...I accidentally bridged Battery control to Ignition control...everything came on...please explain, and is there a fix that might get me mobile given these circumstances?
  5. I think that there are the same number of messages its just that they are spread over an ever increasing variety of Forums, seems to me new forums every day obviously the facebook form pages have had the biggest effect I would imagine
  6. Just got back from Manchester Airport collecting my Missus, at the lights (huge M56/Bipass junction...of course!) and everything cuts out without warning (this is a Mk2 Auto) I still have lights and Starter motor but no ignition or warning lights indicator lights etc, all interior lights still work, Push car across junction then warning lights are back on, car starts, but only runs for 1/2 mile before fault repeats itself. Wait it starts again etc etc. Get home all fuses are intact of course...could this be the inhibitor switch? why would it be so intermittent,is it heat related. Its my Daily
  7. Hello, just about to strip and refit my front shocks, from memory the fitting of the gaiter can be a problem is there an easy way if so please advise. Cheers Brian
  8. I have gone with silicone and wood-screws seems alittle rustic but works all the same
  9. I've just treated my car to a new lid and it has a wooden base..exactly how does one fit this to the existing metal framework? Clearly it is rivitted on the original any ideas? Cheers Brian
  10. I use the Stag as my daily driver..its proved quite reliable but has an isatiable thirst for Super unleaded
  11. OK...which bit have I missed...? I've been faffing about with the power steering rack and bolted it all back.and its brilliant..but…at the steering wheel there is now about 1/2" front to back movement in it like I've left a bush out? Can't find anything..any suggestions? Cheers Brian
  12. Got a set of Vredstein Sprint Classics to go on Wire wheels that I got for Xmas. Excellent home fit service, I believe they are national but mine are in the South Manchester area 5 x Vredsteins supplied and fitted balanced using tubes.. I drank coffee and looked after my Grand-daughter..all very civilised £167 each... say it fast and it doesn't sound too much But all the same a recommended service HOMETYRE www.hometyre.co.uk I am not employed or in any way connected
  13. They are for the stag (its my daily driver) I've covered around 6000 miles this year..I have just got a deal on 5 Sprint Classics + tubes + fitting @ £165 each..that is the best price I can get He's coming on Monday to fit them (It's a mobile) so I can drink coffee and catch up with my Game of Thrones!...Not cheap though...sigh
  14. they were new in 2012 MWS but clearly state TUBES only on the box Cheers
  15. I was lucky enough to get a set of wire wheels for xmas...made a welcome change from an amusing sweater! They are actually for a Stag..I think I need 185HR14 but any ideas in and around the North West where I can get tyres and fitting including tubes? Kind regards Brian
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