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  1. Hello, just about to strip and refit my front shocks, from memory the fitting of the gaiter can be a problem is there an easy way if so please advise. Cheers Brian
  2. I have gone with silicone and wood-screws seems alittle rustic but works all the same
  3. I've just treated my car to a new lid and it has a wooden base..exactly how does one fit this to the existing metal framework? Clearly it is rivitted on the original any ideas? Cheers Brian
  4. I use the Stag as my daily driver..its proved quite reliable but has an isatiable thirst for Super unleaded
  5. OK...which bit have I missed...? I've been faffing about with the power steering rack and bolted it all back.and its brilliant..but…at the steering wheel there is now about 1/2" front to back movement in it like I've left a bush out? Can't find anything..any suggestions? Cheers Brian
  6. Got a set of Vredstein Sprint Classics to go on Wire wheels that I got for Xmas. Excellent home fit service, I believe they are national but mine are in the South Manchester area 5 x Vredsteins supplied and fitted balanced using tubes.. I drank coffee and looked after my Grand-daughter..all very civilised £167 each... say it fast and it doesn't sound too much But all the same a recommended service HOMETYRE www.hometyre.co.uk I am not employed or in any way connected
  7. They are for the stag (its my daily driver) I've covered around 6000 miles this year..I have just got a deal on 5 Sprint Classics + tubes + fitting @ £165 each..that is the best price I can get He's coming on Monday to fit them (It's a mobile) so I can drink coffee and catch up with my Game of Thrones!...Not cheap though...sigh
  8. they were new in 2012 MWS but clearly state TUBES only on the box Cheers
  9. I was lucky enough to get a set of wire wheels for xmas...made a welcome change from an amusing sweater! They are actually for a Stag..I think I need 185HR14 but any ideas in and around the North West where I can get tyres and fitting including tubes? Kind regards Brian
  10. So...I parked old Bertie up when his Power steering gave up the ghost.. Been off the road for a month worked absolutely fine up until he was parked. removed the rack had it refurbed refitted it and the car has become VERY difficult to start..when it does it runs for just a few secinds maybe 10 at best and I often get a blast of Flames from the top of the carb.. I would guess timing but how could that happen being parked and not moved for a month. Any Advice much appreciated
  11. My TR7 V8 with a genuine TR8 right hand drive rack has given up the ghost...I think.. Works fine when turning to the right but with a sort of "click" at first movement...but to the left doesn't seem to work at all, I've tried a couple of the usual suspect "snake-Oils" neither of which have had any effect other than to remove a few quid out of my wallet, I have no leaks..no untoward noises just worked one day then not the next Any advice? Also if I require a refurbed rack..has anybody done this and can anybody offer a walk-through so as I dont waste my time removing items that Mr Haynes seens to think I need to , when in fact I could have managed without so doing?? Cheers Bonnietiler
  12. bonnietiler

    7 Vs 8

    I have a TR7V8 /TR8 Replica ie as much like standard UK as possible with genuine Subframe, Powersteering and cast manifolds etc I have up graded thisover the years as I use it alot with Princess calipers.vented discs/ Performer manifold and edelbrock 500 I have a 50k genuine rust free TR7 Cadulac treated from new matching engine/chassis I have a clunker TR7 V8 with a Stage 2 motor Holley/Offenhauser ,LSD Fully adjustable Spax shocks No power steering The Clunker has lighter steering than the 7 (lighter engine) is as fast as you like..very quick actually and the cheapest way to get a 6 sec to 60 V8 that I know of (£2800) The 7 is an excellent car but a touch slow, quite heavy steering reasonably rotten brakes but economical The TR8 replica is my everyday car it lives outside has done for 4 years(zero rust) starts first time ticks over like a bloodhound lapping milk, the power steering is to die for actually as it is really only noticeable at parking speeds an excellent system. None of them have powerful enough brakes to be honest particularly the V8's these are fast cars even today. I'm probably going to pinch the LSD and put it in the V8 replica it is as silent as the grave and works a treat but the stage 2 engine is VERY addictive maybe it should go in the rust free TR7?
  13. Just wondered if anybody had an alternative wiper blade for the TR7 with its "Pin" fixing. Or if anybody has a source for these..Mine could do with a change and I'd like the fixed pin variety if possible. Cheers Bonnietiler Edelbrock engine finished now...goes quite well!
  14. I'm sure that you've already done it but some of these electronic Ignition systems are a little "old fashioned", I'd start at the battery, if the alternator cant maintain a charge in the battery 12.7 volts ish some of these older electronic systems misbehave..a little like the old Boyer systems on Triumph Motorcycles. Before I did anything though I would check that the battery is showing 12.4 volts minimum and that that is being maintained with the engine running. As I say I'm sure that you've already done it but in the event that you haven't? Cheers Bonnietiler
  15. Poor old Joe gets such a bad press...when I working in a Triumph Motorcycle Dealership..oh ..about 5 years ago a guy came in with a Rectifier which had failed..Bl**dy Joe Lucas...prince of Darkness... have you got a replacement but I don't want Lucas SH*TE....No problem I advised that I had a fine Chinese replica for £10 or indeed a Lucas original for £24.95 he proffered a tenner.. I looked at the old dysfunctional Rectifier and asked what his machine was, 1971 T120V mate, he opined.. You do realise...I offered.. that this is the original rectifier as fitted to the bike when it was made..serial number and date of manufacture clearly marked...so...I continued this piece of Lucas SH*TE has worked perfectly for 40 years or so, perhaps its not such a piece of rubbish as you suggest? He looked thoughtfully and donated another £15.00...Just an aside that maybe not ALL Lucas products were as bad as portrayed. Bonnetiler
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