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  1. That reminds me of am occasion many,many years ago whilst travelling through my home town of Walthamstow and following a Rolls Royce with the number plate MB 1 with the GB plate just below it, it quite suddenly turned sharp without signalling right into the Granada cinema parking area, my father commented on whose car it was and what the initials stood for to which my non driving mother replied "Mad Bugger Gone Barmy". it was of course Max Bygraves who was appearing an stage there that evening.
  2. I am curious to know what the police will use to chase the criminals!, Being that they probably change vehicles on a three yearly basis then by 2033 they will have to have electric vehicles like everyone else. Now we know that electric vehicles can attain very high speeds but how long can they sustain them speeds?. A fast petrol vehicle with a full tank can probably achieve 250-300 miles at speeds of over 100mph, I have never seen the figures for an equivalent electric vehicle as to sustained high speeds. Perhaps after 2033 crime will be a growth industry so older sporty cars will be in deman
  3. It is more to do with the various media outlets that do not like him (or Boris Johnson for that matter) because he (they) are loose cannons and cannot be predicted as to their actions and the news mongers just hate to be wrong.
  4. I certainly didn't mean to imply that you had any influence over decisions made at a "board" level, and maybe I misinterpreted your reply in the topic I am talking about, but the suggestion that Stafford was unsuitable (perhaps based on your own experiences) seemed to be implicit in your reply at the time. Obviously things have changed and it will become evident in the future whether or not Stafford is an alternative.
  5. A few years ago, after the Harrogate debacle, there was a debate on this forum about suitable places and I suggested Stafford showground, having never been there but passed often, it seemed to be fairly centrally located (something contributors were asking for) and of a suitable size. However, one of the replies was from the Hon. President was that something in the past, I know not what, ruled it out as even a possibility, I wonder what has changed!.
  6. The rules on purchase tax status on commercial vehicles was quite bizarre. My father bought a new Bedford Utilibrake (Martin Walter conversion) 12 seater in the late 50s and another in the early 60s, and although it was purchase tax exempt as a 12 seater the double front passenger seat was an extra because it would seem the vehicle was derived from a van, most odd. You also had to notify HM customs if you added windows to a van within ,I think 3 ,maybe 5 years, after initial purchase. Andrews picture ,I would guess, shows an original car where as the web pictures may well have had th
  7. The windows and chrome headlight bezels suggests it could be the Hillman Husky variant or they could have been retro fitted
  8. Mick A fair point but it doesn't stop the police authorities bleating that they are skint Nigel The use of military equipment only seems to have occurred to the powers that be in response to fairly recent events. The European style policing does seem to work reasonably well, I spent 34 years driving the length and breadth of Europe on a weekly basis and didn't have any problems (other then the occasional driving transgression!) with gendarmerie, carabinieri or polizi so can only go by my own experiences of this type of policing. I wasn't inferring that armed to the teeth
  9. I have often thought that if this Country used its armed forces, Army, navy and air force, for civil defence purposes and the protection of our own national borders instead of trying to police the rest of the world, much like the Swiss do, then the nations coffers may be better off. For a start the amount of construction equipment, bulldozers, temporary bridges, pumps and various other earthmoving stuff, could be mobilised for flooding problems relatively easily and quickly. And why do the police, who are always saying they do not have the resources, need to be involved with crowd control at
  10. I omitted the Borgward for the estate in my first reply but accept I am wrong. The Farina I thought was a Morris Oxford because I can't recall the Austin having a two tone paint scheme again happy to be wrong, and yes there are two Consul Cortinas one in front of the rear Viva. I could see the one in front of the bus after the lights was an Anglia but was unsure of how many doors the oncoming one had and didn't know of the trim details.
  11. The estate car looks like a Wartburg or Borgward Isabella, the car in front looks similar to a Skoda but seems to big, more likely a Rover P6. Interesting that the three Morris Minors (1000?) are convertibles. Others are 2 HA Vivas, 2 A35 Austin vans, a Morris 1000 van, a Bedford mk2 CA van, 2 Mk3c Hillman Minx, a Ford Cortina, a Consul (unusually with a sunroof),a couple of minis and an 1100, a Farina of some description probably a Morris, P4 Rover, 2 ford 100e possibly 107e, the 2 Heralds one a convertible a Bedford TK lorry and the double deckers look like AECs. the single decker
  12. I have a pair of rear telescopic shock absorber mounts, that fit onto the lever arm brackets and are braced to the bump stop bracket, that I no longer require. They were brand new supplied by TRGB and never used .They cost £140 but I only want £50 for them both if anyone is interested. I don't seem to be able to access the classified section hence I have pu them here.
  13. As above for "bullet" mirrors they are next to useless. If you are fitting door mirrors to a "6" that hasn't had them before line up the passenger side first and take the drivers side reference points for fitting from that, mine had a drivers side fitted when I bought it and I foolishly used the same positioning on the passenger side when I fitted one and it was totally obscured by the screen pillar requiring repositioning further back and resulting in two wrongly drilled holes.
  14. My car has done this since I bought it 10 years ago, the gearbox has been out twice in that time and the ring gear is as it should be, hardly any wear, so maybe it is a quirk of the starter motor.
  15. Yes, I had that thought, but looking at the TR I don't think there is enough "wriggle room " for the rods and wiper boxes as they modified them in the video.
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