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  1. Cew

    Rear shock mounts

    I have a pair of rear telescopic shock absorber mounts, that fit onto the lever arm brackets and are braced to the bump stop bracket, that I no longer require. They were brand new supplied by TRGB and never used .They cost £140 but I only want £50 for them both if anyone is interested. I don't seem to be able to access the classified section hence I have pu them here.
  2. As above for "bullet" mirrors they are next to useless. If you are fitting door mirrors to a "6" that hasn't had them before line up the passenger side first and take the drivers side reference points for fitting from that, mine had a drivers side fitted when I bought it and I foolishly used the same positioning on the passenger side when I fitted one and it was totally obscured by the screen pillar requiring repositioning further back and resulting in two wrongly drilled holes.
  3. My car has done this since I bought it 10 years ago, the gearbox has been out twice in that time and the ring gear is as it should be, hardly any wear, so maybe it is a quirk of the starter motor.
  4. Yes, I had that thought, but looking at the TR I don't think there is enough "wriggle room " for the rods and wiper boxes as they modified them in the video.
  5. As Alec Pringle would probably have commented " Caveat Emptor". If the only concern in owning a "classic" vehicle is the investment value then so be it , I bought my car to drive and enjoy, but I understand that some individuals only want to make money from the cars which is why most "classics " (not only TRs) are seriously over valued (rated!) If you are only wanting a genuine TR5 or whatever then you should research a vehicle thoroughly, the information is out there and available. Using "social media" will only end in one way.
  6. Hi Jon, By changing to a modern engine, never used in a TR 6, you will probably fall foul of the new rules regarding MOT and historic status ,which you will probably lose. If this isn't an issue then go for it, I would love to put my Nissan 350Z V6 engine and gearbox in my 6 but they are both great driving cars and I would lose out on the different experiences they both give.
  7. Cew

    Tyre rubbing on car

    Is it possible that the MOT garage jacked it up in a manner that has affected it? I'm not sure how they would have done but perhaps an avenue to go down.Have you used the garage before?
  8. Cew

    Tyre rubbing on car

    All of what Marc R is suggesting, plus how long has it been doing it? i.e has it just started? has it been getting worse? if the former, has anything occured that could have put things out of kilter?
  9. The dual circuit system can be awkward to bleed if bleeding has been done with a vacuum bleeder, it tends to remove all the fluid from the second stage (smaller reservoir in front of the main one on the master cylinder) that might give you a firm pedal but only braking on two wheels .
  10. Are the rear brakes adjusted adequately ?? If so then the handbrake should bring it to a halt at "pushing " speed (assuming you are not a super hero of course) so if you could still move it with his foot on the brakes something is wrong other then your query about vacuum.
  11. The vacuum should not affect the pedal travel to the extent that it would be " to the boards" ? The vacuum servo is to take some of the effort needed to brake , i.e the brakes should still work but with a lot more pressure needed to apply them.
  12. I did mine last year and just used some degreaser and then a bucket of warm soapy water ( have a dishwasher but have no need of it or knowledge of how it works) they came up a treat.
  13. Graeme, I am surprised you need to ask as everybody knows how completely honest we are in Great Britain !!
  14. the last three policy's I have had on modern convertibles have had the clause that " IF A POWER HOOD IS FITTED IT MUST BE CLOSED WHEN LEFT UNATTENDED" as the vehicles in question have had power hoods then I have complied, don't know the situation for manual hoods.
  15. Cew

    Interior light

    I don't have a picture but mine (and I believe they are correct) are just bulb holders/ bulbs clipped under the dash above the foot wells with a purpose made clip.
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