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  1. Errrr wots wrong with a different drive coming oot the gearbox. or am i missing some thing
  2. GT6M

    TR GT

    eer another shot, took oft TFB group
  3. GT6M

    TR GT

    the 6 looks better as its got the flat bit after the slope like the GT6, but longer, it works better than the 4 model If it had been done, then top speed would go up by at least 10-15 mph + as going by the LM Spittys
  4. GT6M

    TR GT

    Eer look at this, how to make a brick look good, some folk got taste.
  5. Told ye all, and its owner I,d doo it infact got 4 in bits a moment ye an R, no me contact details Note, 1850 syncros wont fit a Vit box Even though im Dissavowed, will still help oot
  6. held on wid screws, then Loctite them, never shift
  7. Me too, thowt it was about her Kernokkers being saggy
  8. 5s will be ok for anything but race use used em for yonks, as said, better colour than colder plugs in normal drive Alan says Probably due to reduced air flow down to the end of the original inlet plenum. ..this is why ye all need a small KnN type filter at end oft log as a RR session yonks ago showed, rear cyl was not same trace on screen as other plugs try the 3 or 4 pronged type quite a few say they run better, me own seems to after I got right grade meb,e something t,doo wid spark coming out of end,not being hidden by electrode!!
  9. GT6M

    Injectors air issue

    here we go again, Err ive got air in my pipes, its just about every week/ month or so this pops up. same mostly wrong { but well meaning } advice given t,stop it, you must have seen em all, owa the years i take it, yes !! but its never really stopped it on theirs Gotta think of older type deisel systems cos this is basicly what yer PI acts like its pressure dependent, so what causes loss of pressure an it no working, !!! a few things t,check, sort out lack of filters in right orientation an aftermarket pump plummed in wrong a wrong aftermarket filter set up not listening t,past advice which has been given { cos im not TR as been told befoer !! } and ,t put cat amongs Pidgeons, listening t,folk wid ne idea of PI quirks,working principle, an hoo t,sort it oot esp so called Pros,selling duff / wrong stuff for application
  10. GT6M

    Bosch Fuel injectors

    Errr what bit about me an others saying what t,go for cant ye understand !!! my bit, tried t,mek it very very simples for ye t,follow ...Aim t,get some frae a car with 120-130 ish BHP max,ish , as then the size will be aboot right ie cyls 4 /120=30x6 cyls=180 BHP re Jag 3.6 type, could fit, but they wont be right as engines too big powers too much duty cycle is no right for a TR If yer really kick,n in the dark, then heed advice given frae others, who have done this themselves found out what the pitfalls are. there are some good advice on above posts. if ye dont, then good luk,
  11. GT6M

    Bosch Fuel injectors

    Cant say about the bosches, but fitted Keihins, the TBs need a 9/16th drill down em, basicly aboot 20thou moer than standard. note this is only at the bottom part, not touching the top part at,o top bit seals wid the help of an O ring,or 2 if yer pedantic, or can just use the bigg seal ont bottom oft injector the O rings are better, as injecter dont ..wobble aboot , plus ye got moer room for the bottom seal as ina GT you aint got the bonnet clearance. can get em in either low or high impedence, both got + an - s for each type low impedence, then ye,ll prob need ballast resistors, unless yer ECU can handle both. ten a penny in scrap yards as fitted t,most jap cars Aim t,get some frae a car with 120-130 ish BHP max,ish , as then the size will be aboot right ie cyls 4 /120=30x6 cyls=180 BHP will need t,get 2 sets cos they be a set of 4 on most cars, bigger engined cars they be too big https://www.google.com/search?q=keihin+fuel+injector&client=firefox-b-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiV1t334NLhAhUT8uAKHTcVCJMQ_AUIDygC&biw=1140&bih=673&dpr=1.5#imgdii=PdBOX7aQn01bUM:&imgrc=diZA5kHZFz9hJM:
  12. Bung in some phoshoric acid, or a gallon of white vinegar will suffice. and just run engine for a week or so, the hotter the stuff gets, the better it wuks, an its cheeper than all the other so called wonder stuff. drain, flush, bung some moer in, run a few weeks, then drain, re fill wid anti freeze Moer info for yer hoose if yer boilers mek,n a noise.,!!! Me boiler in hoose was acting up, , kettling is the term, bangin an all sorts of funny noises. tried 3 lots of different stuff frae the plumbcenter Very expensive, total sheite, still bang,n away So I put in a Pint of 30% phos acid, noises stopped within half hour. left it in for week, drained it off, wid hose pipe attached t, the top rad drain off there some serious sheite come oot,
  13. How many wer caught H L an S, !!! he,hee,heee. this was last yers,
  14. Good news, cracked it, a spring had gone , , running great noo. here a Honda, an earlier version, but basicly syam engine and it shows hoo t,replace thee,s things. ingenious things are Honda engines,!!! https://youtu.be/oFX_Xq9WHTI
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