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  1. First class response gentlemen and thank you for taking the time to photograph the fixing. Spire nuts it is then, despite the premature covering of my crash pad !! Regards, David.
  2. How is the grab handle secured to the dashboard rail. ((The "OMG" handle)Two cut outs are evident but its not obvious how these might be utilized A spire nut is listed in the parts list. any advice or photos would be gratefully received.
  3. I am missing one hub cap for my TR 3. It's omission detracts somewhat from the very recent rebuild --newly painted wheels attached for the first time yesterday, only to find long stored hub caps box only contained three correct items. Any help with an improvement on the suggestion that I have but three wheels on my wagon and the provision of a hubcap would be gratefully appreciated.
  4. Many thanks Tom for the very useful Photos--much appreciated. D
  5. With regard to this topic may I have some advice on the correct route for the speedo cable on a right hand TR3 . I am engaged in the final stages ( yes right!! ) of a rebuild and left to right conversion. David.
  6. I am In the process of converting left hand drive to right hand drive. It is not obvious where the dipswitch bracket attaches to the floor/ bulkhead for a right hand drive car. I have sourced the correct RH bracket. A description or photo would be most welcome. Regards, David.
  7. Sorry chaps , but I too am battling with vacuum pipe issues. Should the vacuum pipe with the trap be fitted such that the trap functions in a certain direction? Is it a trap that can work in either direction or does it a have a one way valve function and is therefore directional.--reference Moss 12H733. vacuum pipe. David.
  8. Thank you gentlemen for the very rapid response, and apologies for referring to the wings rather than the nose cone. You would think that after staring at the front of my car for the best part of three years I would with, some accuracy, refer to the correct panel. Anyway thank you again for all the contributions. David. P.S Is anyone out there living with a side screen TR and in the Ledbury/Malvern Herefordshire area ?
  9. How are the headlamp bowls fitted to the wings on the TR3.? I have two beautifully restored and painted wings fitted to my Tr3 but the refurbishment by the first class bodyshop removed any evidence of how the headlamp bowls are secured leaving only square holes. It is obviously a "blind " fixing and suggests the need for one of those plastic push fit inserts to accept the self tapping screw, but would that have happened at assembly circa 1956? It seems a simple problem but without the opportunity to stare at a whole shelf of proprietary fixings advice would be appreciated.
  10. The Triumph parts world seems to have hit a significant dearth of stainless steel wing beading. This presents me with something of a problem when it comes to reassembling the restored rear wings and associated parts on my TR 3. Any suggestions as to where I can source new or second hand beading would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I am in the process of fitting new hinges to both bonnet and boot on my TR3. Are they the same part, ie the same hinge can be fitted to either boot or bonnet? Moss suggests that they are not interchangeable, indicated by their different part numbers but I cannot ascertain where the difference exists. I also understand that they are handed but there is no indication on the after market item to suggest left or right . Would you expect the hinges to point slightly inwards, in order to be described as handed or otherwise? Many questions, but its a stressful experience constantly handling my newly painted panels with my top paintman looking on. David.
  12. Thank you Graham for taking the time to respond. D
  13. I have purchased from Moss an upper column kit to facilitate the installation of a steering rack conversion from Protek. The upper column kit includes a bracket consisting of a flat plate and a section of bracketed tubing. There are no instructions included and it is not altogether obvious the exact nature of the fitting. Has anyone fitted a similar bracket ? David.
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