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  1. My car is a 1960 TR3a, a US import, was originally red with grey interior and white hood and sidescreens. No sign-of or mention of any piping. It now has black hood and sidescreens with original colour interior and exterior. Tim
  2. timhum


    Probably less fuss and less expensive to buy 97/99 octane fuel which remains E5 Tim
  3. Here's a link to Demon Tweeks, loads of choice. I've used a Pit King gauge for years. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/search/shop-by/q/tyre pressure gauge/ Tim
  4. Ian, I would try a clay bar before anything more drastic. Tim
  5. I've been l lucky enough to have owned quite a few modern sports cars including a couple 911s and AM Vantage V8. Whilst they were all great cars this, in my opinion, beats them all. Quick, light, excellent handling and practical whilst not overly expensive. Tim
  6. These people are one of the best , don't waste your money on cheap bits. https://www.drill-service.co.uk/ Tim
  7. And mine, Jenvey heritage throttle bodies and Emerald ECU. Tim
  8. I would try an epoxy 2 part glue, Tim
  9. Hamish, Have you considered the Jenvey Heritage throttle bodies? My car has these fitted with an Emerald ECU set-up. all the best Tim
  10. Fascinating, any idea how long it took in real time? thanks Tim
  11. Just to say guys, thanks for a really interesting thread, I've learnt a lot from it. Tim
  12. timhum

    Dyno Result

    I've been told that overdrive units contribute a lot of drag, does that seem reasonable? Tim
  13. Thanks for the info Tom, much appreciated. Have you used the heritage units and what power did you register on the rolling road. Tim
  14. timhum

    EFI First Drive

    I've used the heritage throttle bodies and Emerald ECU on my TR3a, a really great conversion. There are some details of it in the TR 2/3/3a section, TR Performance Engine thread. As said the guys at Emerald are excellent. The time on the rolling road was quite an experience, noise, heat and fingers crossed for the engine. Before adding efi the engine gave 117.5 bhp which increased to 137.5 bhp after the conversion. Tim
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