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  1. Could that new one actually be a rear screen seal? Pete
  2. I've been taking 2000iu for a couple of years now and haven't been particularly unwell since. I'll be running out soon though, and can't seem to find any high dose tablets in stock anywhere. Pete
  3. Boiling water will often expand rubber grommets that have shrunk. Pete
  4. Anyone need a NOS one? https://buyexmilitarysurplus.co.uk/LUCAS-6WA-SINGLE-SPEED-WIPER-MOTOR-12-Volt--75816-75525 Pete
  5. Did you leave the lights on after your run? Pete
  6. stillp


    I'll have you know I put a clean pair on every day. Trousers get a bit tight by the end of the week, I have to remove a few pairs. Pete
  7. The cabinet was called a fount, pronounced font. If you dropped your fount, it was said to be pied. When you'd picked it all up you had to sort all the type pieces into their correct compartments in the fount. Because the type pieces are a mirror image of the character they print, it's particularly difficult to sort lower case b from d, or p from q. Hence the expression "to mind your p's and q's". I don't know why we don't mind our b's and d's. Pete (a craft printer in the 1960s)
  8. After some Googling, I'll withdraw that. The criteria are the same. Pete
  9. In Scotland, where the criteria for testing are different. Pete
  10. That reminds me of a very old and slightly racist joke! Pete
  11. Surely the problem is not just the space though, it's the furniture, staff, and other resources. Pete
  12. Put it back together and keep checking the oil? Pete
  13. Or perhaps they did take note, and were keen to not infringe any registered design or trademark. Pete
  14. Happy Birthday! Pete
  15. I had powder coated wire wheels on my car for about 10k miles with no sign of the coating failing. The MWS wheels from TR Shop have chromed stainless steel spokes, and I believe the rims are stainless too. Pete
  16. I use "Muc-Off", sold for cleaning bikes but works well on wires. Pete
  17. I was looking at that, but it's the first hour of opening, i.e. 7 am to 8 am, and I wonder how many of the elderly rely on buses and will be unable to get to a Sainsbury's that early. Pete
  18. I had something similar, which went away when I tightened the propshaft bolts! Pete
  19. stillp

    Drive it day

    Looks as if Drive it Day is still on, so we can "wave at each other from a discreet distance". https://www.fbhvc.co.uk/news/article/driveitday2020?fbclid=IwAR3TMi-gyD7kZodH3aiMu11_C4ZI7MueLZQTwaefzpX3h62VUHnSfExYWZ8
  20. Ian, I was responding to the question about why Germany has so many fewer fatalities than France for a comparable number of confirmed cases. I believe France has about the same number of ICU beds as the UK. Pete
  21. Another possible reason for the apparently low fatalities in Germany is their high number of ICU beds - about four times as many as the UK. Pete
  22. stillp


    That's a new one on me. A strip of masking tape on ridges and edges is a good diea. Pete
  23. stillp

    Lost my finger

    Hope you both recover soon Pete
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