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  1. Thanks Rob, I had wondered whether I had a bodged set up but from what you are saying it appears to be normal and brute force is required. I am sure I have changed the belt before and had no issue getting it past the steering rack, but having read many times that you need jack the engine up perhaps I have not. I have a spare so I will see if I can get it past.
  2. Thanks Marco, I'll check the length of the belt and I have a look at the one you suggest.
  3. Hi, My TR4 has the conventional set up of a wide fan belt and lucas dynamo. The dynamo cannot swing enough towards the engine to allow the belt to become clear of the dynamo pulley so as to remove and refit. Is this how it should be and the procedure then is to remove the dynamo pulley or water pump pulley to allow the removal/fitting of the belt? Thanks Andy
  4. Many thanks to everyone for your replies. From what you have said it I guess it is nothing to get really bent out shape about. I would think any future prospective buyer would understand the error once explained. As Michael stated 'enjoy driving the car'. Regards Andy
  5. Hi, Following on from a MOT tester entering the wrong registration number into the system and having to sort that out, a possible problem has come to light regarding the Comm No. of my 1962 TR4. I believe that the Comm No. is 'CT9180 O'. However the VIN plate shows CT91380 which also stated on the V5C. My questions are, how do I convince the DVLC to re-issue a V5C with the correct number without having to change the VIN plate stating that the 0 is in fact an O. Or would I have to get a new VIN plate showing 'CT9138 O'. Would it be a problem if I left as is. Within the history file for the car CT91380 appears to have been referenced throughout. Any advice welcome. Thanks Andy
  6. Thanks for the pointers. I'll give them look at. Andy
  7. Hi, The TR4 has past the MOT with just one advisory which was a nearside track rod end with some slight play. Can anyone recommend a quality replacement fitted with a grease nipple. Thanks Andy
  8. Hi Roger, Thanks for that. I guess the shop would not offer it if did not fit a TR.
  9. Hi, I noticed in the last edition of TR magazine that were images showing some TR4/5s with a rain/shower cover that fitted over the rear backlight and windscreen. Does anyone know whether tailor made ones for TRs are available or have adapted/used other off the shelf items. Thanks Andy
  10. Hi Andy, I have the same situation with the passenger door handle on my TR4 and it turns out that a right door handle has been fitted to the passenger door which effectively means the door handle is upside down. By removing the link assembly I could open the passenger door from the outside. Hope this sheds some light. Regards Andy
  11. Did some more measurements at the weekend and the screen needs to swing forward only about 5mm to allow the roof panel to fit. Once achieved this will also permit the windows to wind up fully without clashing with the edge of windscreen capping. Thanks for all the information.
  12. Hi Alan, Come to think about it, I seem to remember that the door window, when fully wound up, touches the top of windscreen frame. i will check at the weekend. Thanks for the information. Andy
  13. Hi, I have acquired a 'surrey' steel roof panel and prior to any restoration work, I offered up it up for fitting. For it to fit, the top of the windscreen needs to swing forward about 10mm. My question is can the angle of the windscreen be altered and then fixed to allow fitting and removal of the roof panel without slackening the windscreen fixings every time? Thanks Andy
  14. Hi Richard, I have sent you a PM Thanks
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