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  1. Try pi conversion to carbs metering unit and injectors gumming up does making them run on carbs devalue tr6c

  2. Hi all thinking of converting pi to carbs modern fuel making metering units gum up
  3. Thanks for all the advice
  4. Tr6 woes for the last 2 years I have been having problems with the car not running smooth as car gets hot when under load runs well but in traffic a bit hesitant after a visit to a tr specialist in Cheshire car ran better for a short while then car started back firing they advised me to change the metering unit as mine looked like the original one we did this and the ran checked injectors after a couple of sets of reconditioned injectors car wouldn't start rac came out and diagnosed metering unit had siezed and on inspection it had and shattered plastic doggle sent the unit back and it was repaired or replaced just less than 12 months later I took the car back to Cheshire specialist they removed electronic ignition and put it back on points car seem to run better got back home the car seemed to run lumpy following week took car short run the car cut out on me but started and then cut out again rang rac waited 2 and half hours for them to come I was only five minutes away from home he couldn't get the car going towed it back my brother in law came next day with a rotor arm and got the car going in minutes sent the part back to Cheshire and asked for a refund a week later took car for a run cut out we found the second metering unit has siezed but this hasn't damaged the doggle but sheared the pedestal /distributor drive side I managed to locate one at a cost of 120 pounds I have asked metering unit supplier to meet this cost they've refused and are saying petrol is responsible for the metering units failure after asking if I put any additives into it I am very angry and disappointed with the service of people who advertise in the magazine and aren't providing the service we are expecting any advice greatly appreciated from a very frustrated Jones
  5. jonesy


    radiator has been recored oil seems to be normal
  6. jonesy


    Hi all I have a problem with my Tr6 overheating on tick over changed the stat on a 75f the other was 82f prior to this car was backfiring that's been sorted out now after 2 metering units and 3 different sets of injectors timing has been checked aswell I would appreciate any advice thanks should have said radiator has been recored
  7. Looking in the north west and lancs for type a overdrive specialists for a tr6
  8. hi anybody got ideas where I can get 1 nearside wing and a front offside wing for a 1972 tr6 many thanks

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