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    hi guys , nearly there !! i now have a MOT but problems setting up my carbs i have rebiult but there not right !! getting fed up,i want to drive . does anyone know someone ie-garage to help set them up properley that they would recommend . i am cheshire based cheers coolie
  2. hi alan T . cheers for the detail , i was thinking along those lines. nothing worse than a poor repair job , this will be right , may do a befor and after pic cheers coolie
  3. hi alan T , yep was going to weld , i throught to far ahead as how to get best result ? any advice welcome cheers coolie
  4. hi alan T, threaded string through original hole pulled bracket up with string , then self taped through post into holding plate to replicate spot weld . bracket moves around in holding plate so catch can be adjusted good as new . just got a 55mm hole to sort cheers coolie
  5. hi alan T , i must have played with the catch to much as the spot weld on the holding bracket came away ,resulting with the bracket falling !!! tried everything to retrieve to no avail . i have drilled a 55mm hole in jam and there is was ,jammed flat on the sill !! with the hole drilled it still took an age to retrieve . all sorted just need to repair hole cheers coolie
  6. i have been setting up door catches , took catch of post and the captive bracket slipped down into post !! thinking of drilling 65mm hole in post door jam to retrieve ?? has anyone had this problem and if so how to remedy . cheers coolie
  7. hi kieth , i also have stroms, have you got a pic of where the leak is coming from . i had a crease in the casting and had to file polish out , sorted this may not be the same as your problem !! pics always help cheers coolie
  8. coolie

    seat belts

    thanks mike , sorted .i fitted as per instruction and they have been fine , they were locked out as i held them but as soon as they were fitted they worked fine school boy error !! cheers coolie
  9. hi caroline, when i was looking a year ago for such a project , the prices were 5/8 k for total rebiuld and 8/12k for 80% 90% projects . i am completeing my project and would be very interested in this as a new project , if anf when you can sort some pics please post or send to me at- plumbdirectltd@btconnect.com kind regards and good luck coolie
  10. coolie

    gear box

    hi guys , tr4a biuld , got the timeing sorted , engine sounds great good 50psi . heats up quick and stays hot , kenlow working over time !! problem 1 -- stromberg carbs sticky so runs a high revs some times , tried wd40 !! on springs went for a cheeky drive see how she goes .first time in its life engine great , clutch finds gears ok, not great . gear box abit lumpy and noisy !! abit of oil comes out of houseing bolt on top of box bolt does not tighten up need to tap new thread . noise from running gear at rear !! any advice welcome cheers coolie
  11. coolie

    oil pressure

    thanks i will see how in goes . setting tappets is it best cold - hot - warm cheers coolie
  12. coolie

    oil pressure

    thanks guys run car in garage oil 50psi , not drove it yet water pressure rises quickly 2mins then at top of temp gauge while stood in garage ! engine has had new pots and a conversion to un leaded . fitted old water pump !! going to set up timing tomoz , is this done while engine hot or best when cold . cheers coolie
  13. coolie

    oil pressure

    hi guys fired up the tr4a for the first time today , all went well . the oil pressure is staying at 50 if the gauge is true . what is the standard oil pressure.?? water temp rose quickly ?? any ideas cheers coolie
  14. hi niall, fitted them and they work great , so mot next week and of for a drive !! cheers coolie
  15. hi guys , i am about to start seals on doors ,windows,chrome seals in wind screen with glass fitted !!, boot and bonnet . any advice and pics welcome best seals to buy and from where . tools and short cuts cheers coolie
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