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  1. I suffered a little with this when I had twin pipes out the back E type style, since I changed to a standard system I haven't had the same problem, I also drive with a breeze breaker and windows up on long runs.
  2. I'm on 195 65 15 which as far as I can tell are pretty similar in diameter to the standard british spec tyre even though my alloys are slightly wider than my old wires, I could change for a 70 section tyre on the back although the set I have are only 2500 miles old...... I have changed my wheel barrow type sports exhaust for a less noisy option but it is stainless which is going to be noisier than the humble old standard systems. I guess I could look at some sound proofing. I will investigate having my overdrive converted to a 28% version and change the rear tyres I'm sure they will make a reasonable difference when done together. But whilst the gearbox is out I really need to change my clutch and I guess I could get the flywheel lightened......
  3. I think I'm running about 2600-2700 at 70 (I think, speedo packed up before I managed to leave the country even though it had just been refurbed and returned as I wasn't happy with it. This being the case I can't double check right now) but if you're driving for 4-5 hours at 70-80 in 90 degrees of heat then being able to drop the revs to 2200 ish would be lovely. It has to be said I want my 6 to be more of a grand tourer than the sports car it is. Does the 28% overdrive make a significant difference? Harry, do you know what revs you're doing at 70? In answer to Steve's question I'm fairly sure I have the standard 3.45 diff.
  4. Having just covered 2000 miles in the sunshine of France I have returned with a need to improve the cruising experience. So the question is how do I alter the gearing to reduce revs in top gear. I have a late '71 6 with A type overdrive, I know it's possible to put in a foreign box but I like the overdrive and wouldn't like to lose it. I have considered the pipe and slippers version with a burbling V8 but I'm just not old enough for that yet! Any thoughts??
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