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  1. Does anyone have the lowdown on how the TR7 system is designed to operate. I don't have a problem with mine I'm just curious after changing all the hoses as a precaution and finding the supplied thermostat was different. I'm trying to figure out what the function of the disc and spring on the bottom is. It looks to me as if it closes off the inlet from the pump housing as the thermostat opens to allow the water flow back to the rad. All I can come up with is this. With the car running and water in the cold state the thermostat shut and pump rotating the port in the bottom of the thetmosta
  2. It's worth a look for how long it takes.
  3. That looks pretty well like the one I have sunroof and the side windows look identical,Wow that advert sure looks dated! I'm pretty sure that the mounting is with J bolts.
  4. Does the trip meter count the miles but just won't reset? If yes then that's how mine felt. This could well fix it for you.For an sae i can post you a circlip.If you don't have or cannot borrow circlip pliers post the cable and housing I will fit and post back.or if close pay me a visit or vice versa.
  5. 182 miles today says this fix works.
  6. Thanks. Maybe I could get this posted in the technical fixes section...........
  7. Turned my mind to sorting the Odometer out today. It seems the cables are no longer available unless used. I was expecting the drive prongs to be broken or the "T" piece damaged or worst case the actual tumblers gone west. However once the clocks were stripped out it became apparent that the cable just wasn't holding in anymore,probably due to the moulded outer flange being broke. I was going to just glue it in place but then I gave it some more thought and tried a circlip,as shown in the pics. It seems to work well so decided to post here and share my fix.
  8. Just won one on Ebay.£205.00 bid with 23 seconds to go! Now any fitting tips please?
  9. Thanks TR Mitch. Kermit does seem to stand out.I was filmed on the A55 by a passing car on Sunday!. I'm pretty sure it has the correct tyres fitted 185/70 13 but I will double check,getting use to it,the GIT comes as a surprise now!
  10. Sounds good,I can put mine at the back,doubt its up to show standard!
  11. At the moment I cannot see any reason why not.After all getting oot and aboot is partly what I wanted it for.........
  12. The floor etc all looked/felt pretty solid.There is a recipt in the history for a new tank.
  13. No the GIT will be staying.....it's getting throttle bodies.The TR is for high days and holidays etc.
  14. I have a TR7,38 years after seeing my first in a showroom window. I think it has been a club car at some stage. Please don't tell me it has an awfull secret.It scored 180 points,I refused to give any "Excellents" unless the item was new or could only ever be an opinion.
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