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  1. Mick, Thank you for the tip-off, ordered one online this morning. Just for info, had to order using my iPad, as the “add to my basket” button was greyed out on my Windows 10 PC. John
  2. Thanks for posting, Hamish, got 2019 off to a good start! John
  3. Hi, Paul, Cummings Brothers Locksmiths in Merridale Road, Wolverhampton, cut me a new set, inc ignition key, while I waited. John
  4. Mark, When I wanted to get a new ignition key cut (the old one was worn and no number marked on it), BMH were able to give me the original key numbers for a small fee, £5 I seem to remember, so they might be able to help you too. Unfortunately, in my case, it turned out that the lock had been changed some time in the previous 40 years, so I had to get a new key cut to pattern! John
  5. Hi, Keith, Sorry, I was a bit slow on the uptake there, should have picked up the inference that you were a member of the TRR, not just the forum. As Roger says, it really should just take a call to the office to get your status sorted and it’s very disappointing that you are having so much trouble. Hope the next call will sort it out for you! John
  6. Keith, Can’t help with your enquiry, but the reason you can’t access the Members Chat area is that this is only available to members of the TR Register (as opposed to members of the forum). John
  7. Bodiam

    MX5 Seats

    Hi, jogger, When I bought my seats from Paul Bishop, he told me that some Mk 1 MX5’s also had seats with separate headrests, which is what he supplied to me. Trimmed in black leather with the correct pattern panels sewn in, they look just like the originals. John
  8. Trevor, I found a long box spanner made it a lot easier to get to the nuts holding the crash pad in place - sorry, can’t remember the size. John
  9. Lee, Had this happen to me, turned out to be the coil which came back to life when it had cooled a bit. Easy to check if you have any HT if it happens again. Good luck, John Edit: Just noticed Mike C has beaten me to it!
  10. Colin, I exchanged a manky tubular manifold for a standard twin pipe cast iron job about 5 years ago and noticed no loss of performance. I did have it media blasted then aluminium sprayed and it still looked as good as the day I fitted it when I sold the car in February. The firm who did it for me are in Wolverhampton - if they are near enough for you to get it to them, send me a PM for the address. John
  11. Hi, Barry, If they’re not too deep, Jewellers Rouge may do the trick. John
  12. Hi, Dex, Ringing Paul Bishop on mobile or landline is problematic. I found email the best way to communicate with him and found him easy to deal with. John
  13. Rob, When I bought my TR, I found that the engine had been changed in the past from a CR to a CP and it ran very roughly. I found, after a lot of head scratching, that the distributor had the advance weights for a CR, even though the correct part number was stamped on the body. The Distributor Doctor put in the correct weights for me, which improved the pick-up no end. May be worth a check? If you think it’s worthwhile, I may be able to find what change I had to make, but DD would help you to ensure you have the correct weights, I’m sure (the degrees of centrifugal advance are stam
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