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  1. Of course, you are quite right Rob, in fact I have few of them myself, which I bought of ebay. Silly me ! Bob
  2. It would not work without a tube, it does not seal to the rim or the valve, it is just a reducing collar. Only way you can use that rim is to fit a tube, or weld the hole up, then re-drill to the correct size. (new hole does not have to be where the old one was !) Bob
  3. Have a good day Brian. Bob.
  4. Not clever, just carefull ! I can look at your wheel if you like, I' in Leatherhead, so you would need to post it. Bob
  5. It's the 4A one you want. Bob
  6. Lebro

    TR4A for sale

    Now sold. Bob
  7. With HS6 carbs the 4A manifold would definately be a better bet. Bob
  8. Hi. I would repair it myself, just open up the crack (s) inject some wood glue (PVA etc) then clamp it up tight, & leave overnight. Then clean up any surplus, & polish. If I can turn this: via into this : Then anything is possible ! Bob
  9. Having given it a bit of thought, I can't see that it matters which way round the wires are connected. All they do is magnetise the rotor. Reversing them would reverse the magnetic direction, but since it is spinning that does not matter. The keyway is probably to stop the slip rings twisting the wires off. Bob
  10. Thanks, so would probably need to store flat, & then inflate once out then. May just stick with the 4" spare which fits in easily with a 165 tyre on it. Bob
  11. Ralph. Is your 3A a post 60000 one, with the raised hinges, & raised boot floor ? I ask because I have the raised boot floor in my 3, and although I am running TR6 steel wheels (5.5") my spare is a 165 on a 4" rim. I'm wondering if a 165 would fit in on a 5.5" wheel. Bob
  12. Lebro

    Free Electric

    So what is that black wire running down to the floor behind the machine, & the rubber covered cable on the floor running off to the right ?? Clever trick though. Bob
  13. Lebro

    TR4A for sale

    The hard top was only ever used once, (years ago) since then it has been gathering dust in his garage. John did not expect it to be fitted for the photo. Having met him twice now, both times for him to look over my car, I have every faith that the car has been very well looked after. Bob
  14. Lebro

    TR4A for sale

    Not so, the seller did not know the place was going to put the top on, he says he will visit the place where it is now stored, & take the hard top off. Bob
  15. The man who has agreed to buy my Hillman Aerominx has to sell his TR4A first ! This is a link to "The Motorist" sale page. The seller (John) actually owned my Hillman back in 1957, it was his 1st car ! https://www.themotorist.com/car/triumph-tr4a Bob
  16. Hi Gary. Fitting an LED bulb as the ignition warning light will not cause any battery drain ! However it can be problematic with regard to an alternator. Many alternators of the sort we use, rely on current passing from the ignition supply, through the warning light bulb to the small contact on the alternator. This provided the "energising current" required to start the thing generating it's output. Once started it produces it own energising current, in the process raising the volts on the alternator side of the bulb to 12V, so the bulb goes out. LED bulbs often don't draw eno
  17. Are TR6 steering arms different to the special ones Revingtons supply ? Bob
  18. I had wondered the same, fun though "fly off "is (catching out the MOT man etc) It is an accident waiting to happen ! I have looked at the construction on several occasions, & can't see an obvious way of doing it. Bob
  19. Actually, Decca started off as a record maker, during WW2 2 employees (Harvey Schwarz, & Bill O.Brien) developed a radio navigation system called Decca Navigator. This used 2 or 3 land based low frequency transmitters, the signals from which ship born receivers could pick up, & by measuring the phase difference between them could establish their geographical position using special charts overlayed with hyperbolic curves showing lines of equal phase. This system was first used to guide Minesweepers in the English channel in the days building up to the D Day invasion. A late
  20. Jeff. I was referring to a complete Bomb starter motor, not just the bush. Bob.
  21. Ah, Brixham, I spent 3 months there in 1968 on a Decca apprentice training course. Bob
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