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  1. Green is the colour of all fused wires coming from the ignition switch, so that must be connected to "B" (battery) on the gauge. The other wire, therefore connects to "T" (tank) on the gauge one end, & the tank sender the other. 


  2. On 6/23/2022 at 3:27 PM, john.r.davies said:

      So "straight to full" sounds like a short circuit in your wiring. 


    Not so with a sidescreen, reading full (or beyond) means open circuit to the tank sensor



    Just now read the replies from Rob above, which say the same thing.


  3. 16 hours ago, rcreweread said:

    BOB ??? must be a typo as you have shown they are both the same, but they are not  - is one 2.5?

    cheers Rich

    That what come of using a mobile phone without having glasses on !  yes, TR is 2.5:1.  so if a saloon box was fitted, then speedo would read slow, not fast.

    What is the TPM (turns per mile) number printed on the speedo dial under the odometer.


  4. +1   An alternative is to use an expansion bottle as per TR4, again ensuring the coonecting pipe is well sealed at the rad end, & goes to the bottom of the expansion bottle at the other. The rad cap must have the sprung loaded pressure relief seal, and a good seal on the top in order to suck coolant back into the rad when it all cools down.

    I use this system, & am able to keep the rad full to the brim.



  5. Thread drift - sorry :

    Talking of which - I was driving our Fiat Seicento yesterday, when the clutch cable broke (pedal went straight to the floor). Managed to get to my destination, & then later to drive it home again. I was so lucky on the way home, after starting it in 1st, & moving up the gears to 3rd, I did not have to stop at any of the 4 or 5 junctions / roundabouts.     Changing the cable for a new one was a different story, a nightmare on those cars, to get to the inboard end of the cable you have to move the entire dashboard out of the way. took around 3 hours to even get to a point where I could see the end of the cable. As it turned out the flexible part of the cable was fine, it was the hook shaped metal end which had snapped off.   Not a job I wish to repeat.


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