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  1. To repeat, the green wire goes to B, the wire to the tank (T) is green/black. Earthing the green wire should blow a fuse. Bob
  2. You pay's yer money ---------- I have had both good quality, & bad quality from both Rimmer Bros & Moss. TR shop generally supplies good stuff. Just my experience. Bob
  3. Not so: https://www.esso.co.uk/en-gb/fuels/petrol Bob
  4. Probably got fed up with breaking half shafts. I did ! Bob
  5. Green is the colour of all fused wires coming from the ignition switch, so that must be connected to "B" (battery) on the gauge. The other wire, therefore connects to "T" (tank) on the gauge one end, & the tank sender the other. Bob
  6. Open circuit means a break in the connection somewhere Bob
  7. I dont have a diagram to hand, but from memory green should go to B & green black to T. Bob
  8. Happy Birthday Vicky, hoping to catch up at Stafford ? Bob X
  9. Thanks, just wondered, if I do anything I will probably convert to R & P but not yet. Bob
  10. You seem to have a lot of TRouble with fuel gauges / senders Richard. I have repaired / calibrated yours twice now I think ? Bob
  11. Not so with a sidescreen, reading full (or beyond) means open circuit to the tank sensor Bob Just now read the replies from Rob above, which say the same thing.
  12. What car was that on ? Bob
  13. That what come of using a mobile phone without having glasses on ! yes, TR is 2.5:1. so if a saloon box was fitted, then speedo would read slow, not fast. What is the TPM (turns per mile) number printed on the speedo dial under the odometer. Bob
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