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  1. It’s ok Rich I can still do that, the angle of the pic does quite show the seal protruding above the screen frame, and the pic with the capping on, the capping isn’t fully down, just sat on. However if I tuck the seal under the capping it pulls it away from the glass at the top. Ian
  2. Hi picking my through this thread as I’m at the same point, but my question is does the door seal fall outside the Surrey Windscreen Capping? Looking at Tom Frremonts pic it does. But when the Top Cover isn’t on do we just leave the seal edge showing or is there a way of finishing it? My pics below. Thanks Ian
  3. Thanks Stuart, you've confirmed my thoughts, the forward deck areas havent been touched in my ownership, so must be a previous owner, plus the car didn't come with a Surrey fitted, I'm fitting one as a later addition. Guess I'm going to have to locally Blue Peter a seal to get the compression fit. Cheers
  4. Hi Just picking up on the Surrey Frame to Deck Seal. I'm pretty sure I know what my problem is, just want to know the work around. I've tried both small and large seals, as per pics. The problem is on the forward section of the rear deck, from the seam to the B Pillar. With the small seal I have good compression at the B Pillar end, and just forward of the seam, and going around the corner, but from about 2 inches or so from the B Pillar I have an increasing gap tween Deck & rubber increasing to about 3mm at the worst point, then runs away to decent compression. With the frame d
  5. Is it also because the Rimmer one is an MG Rover application. Even with the Revington one you still have to swap the Runner.
  6. Hi all Can someone please advise the grade of Sikaflex to use in gluing the glass into channel? 255 & 256 seem candidates. I did message Allan a few days ago asking which he had used, but not se3n a reply yet. Thanks. Ian
  7. Hi Brian, I was at my local tyre shop last week getting new boots on the wife’s Golf, I asked the guy if they could balance wires and he said yes. They are a good outfit, I recall a group member had his Jag 4 wheel aligned a few years ago. The company is Link Tyres in Mirfield, give them a call. No affiliation, just a long term customer. Ian
  8. Hi It's 6BA guys, the tap arrived yesterday, the UNC one is still to come. But 6BA was a good fit with the screw thread, even with my poor "mince pies" so with careful introduction to the hole it went down a treat, and the screws now go in perfect. Ian
  9. Thanks Roger / Bob, I've ordered both taps, a 3-48UNC & a 6BA, cheap enough on the bay for what I need. I'll let you know. Cheers Ian
  10. Hi Just jumping on the back of this, I've had my Handles away for chrome plating, and I'm now re assembling them. There are 2 small Csk screws that hold the backplate on, pic attached, anyone know what size these are? The tapped holes in the Handle have got some crud in them, I've cleaned out the worst, but the screw is still very tight, so could do to run a tap down. The screw measures 0.107 inches dia, so puts it close to 6BA. Is this likely? My TPI thread gauge only goes down to 28, but on the other side, which I guess is metric, a 0.5mm looks to be very close. which brings me ba
  11. Found some pics of mine during strip down Ian
  12. Hi it’s owned by Webb’s of Weybridge, they hire out classics, it also made an appearance on Antiques Road Trip a couple of years ago. Ian
  13. Hello Mike Slightly off topic but what colour is your interior trim, is it Shadow Grey? I'm getting to the interior trim point of my 4A rebuild and can't decide on Midnight Blue or Shadow Grey. Midnight Blue I believe being on elf the original colours. Cheers Ian
  14. Hi all Hope cabin fever hasn't set in yet? Maybe you can put your collective minds to my B Post problem please. It's regarding the angle of the B Post. This is not the vertical angle but the angle from the face of the Rear wing, Incidentally we haven't touched the B Posts during the rebuild they were all ok, so obviously replaced by previous PO. Trouble started trying to get the Door gaps and include the restraint arm, and the door catch. The door catch is only engaged by about 3mm, the restraint arm is about 4mm clear. I compared the angle with a friends TR4, and his angle is some 2
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