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  1. Hi Waldi Thanks for your comments, I'm ok with understanding of fitting the shims, both adding and removing to achieve the gaps. I have improved the situation by lifting the tub off the chassis 50mm or so then lowering back down, it does seem to sit better now. Just a bit puzzled by your last paragraph that you took 3mm rubber shim from the B post, I thought the idea was the tub generally sat on the rubber strips on the chassis? That means your tub generally must have been sitting high off the Chassis, as you can't physically sit the tub any lower than the chassis. Unless I've mis understood, which is quite likely. Ian
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, just to clarify the chassis is laden, ie engine & gearbox in place. under both the tub 4 bolt A post fixing point & the 3 bolt B post fixing point I have fitted the standard 3mm thick metal plates sandwiched between the 2 rubber pads. Cheers Ian
  3. Hello Started to fit the painted tub back on the chassis. After a few attempts it won't quite sit down on the forward 4 bolt fixing pads. Checking underneath there is approx 4 or 5mm gap, roughly equal side to side. The rear part of the tub just forward of the diff bridge I can clearly see the tub is sat on the rubber strips. If I get number 2 son to carefully stand on the forward part of the sill, the bit that is hidden behind the front wing, then the gap closes up. He gets off, it opens up again. We didn't spot this at the pre paint build up, so maybe something had got slightly sprained. Am I worrying needlessly and should I get No2 to stand on the sill whilst I tighten the bolts? Or just tighten them without him. Don't want to store up alignment problems for later by doing this. Thanks in advance for your advice. Cheers Ian
  4. You're right Andrew, what a plonker, should go to spec savers. Cheers Ian
  5. They do repeat them in the wee small hours if you manage to set up a link. Just a thought, I know we're all hairy chested open top sports car blokes, but I can't see where anyone has mentioned the softer side of the program, and the fact that if you watched the credits at the end both father & daughter, who's car it was had subsequently died. I know the writing was on the wall during there program but even so. It is deserved program helping out needy people, whether you like Tim Shaw or not, but it is tragic when the owner passes on just after the car is finished, or even worse in the last series or previous series 2 owners died mid restoration. Just another reminder, as if we needed it, of our own mortality. Cheers Ian
  6. Thank you all, good information as ever. Ian
  7. Hi all Engine has been stripped down, during the strip I noticed that there were no obvious TDC marks on the pulley (wide belt) but the Timing Chain Cover does have a pointer. So now in the clean up phase and start to put back together, the pulley doesn't have any marks except a small neat hole in the rear flange. So couple of questions, is this TDC? Can't see why it couldn't be, and if so should it be immediately adjacent to the woodruff key slot on the Hub, which means the slot is TDC, or 180 deg to it? Pics below. Thanks as ever. Ian
  8. Those were my initial thoughts as well Alan, it will pop out, pushing from the inside, but it just pops straight back in again. It's not so much a local dent but almost the whole panel below the waist line. Ian
  9. Hi all Here we go 18 months on this thread. I've realised today I need a LH side Door skin for my 4A, the current one is solid, except it is badly bellied inward, difficult to see, but once you have your eye in, oh dear. So question is out of the usual suspects who has the best skins, or are they all much the same? Thanks. Ian
  10. Hi all Thanks for the replies, Cheers Ian
  11. Hello I Googled this and it came up with a thread started in 2009, whilst it briefly mentioned Cross Tube it was mainly about the Fulcrums, so hence new post. I have rebuilt my 4A chassis ready to go to the body man to have the tub dropped on for final gap checks etc. the Chassis doesn't yet have the engine in, nor is it on wheels yet, the chase is on a Dolly, it soon will have engine and wheels, but.... yesterday I fitted the Cross Tube, and hear comes the query, there was a circa 4mm gap between the Tube and the inside of the Turrets, Tube too short in effect. However It all bolted up ok without any problem that I could see, or undue straining. So, is this 'normal' or have I done something wrong, or have a problem I didn't know about until yesterday, or all of the above? Appreciate the usual guidance. Thanks. Ian
  12. meesonia

    Sill renewal

    Hi all Would someone be so good as to post a couple of pics for of a 4A Sill, where it meets the A Post and Front Wing, and same at the B post, I want to make sure I understand the relationship between them. I realise all cars will be subtly different, so a good average will do. Also Door to Wing gapping has been discussed many times and 5 to 6mm spoken of, but can't find any reference to the Door bottom & Sill. Are we talking similar or a bit more? Thanks for your help. Cheers Ian
  13. Thanks for the positive comments Stuart. I guess like a lot of changes rung on our TR's they are done out of personal choice because the option is there to be evaluated and taken up if it floats your particular boat, irrespective of whether it is right or wrong for 99.9% of us. I'm sure the ST engineers were in the main very smart people, which makes one wonder why the front suspension mounting brackets were ever held on with one bolt. Ian
  14. Hi all I'm uprating my Front Hubs as part of my 4A full restoration. Looking at the pictures from 4 suppliers TRGB, Moss, Rimmers & CDD I can see little fundamental difference between them, so the question please, is there any difference or are they all made by the same manufacturer? As of this moment the items are in Rimmers sale with £67 reduction, any reason I shouldn't fill my boots? Thanks. Ian
  15. Hi all Just looking for my Xmas present on the Outdoor & Clothing web site, and in the mens section, advertising Barbour is a Blue TR6, the reg is GDE 835N, the DVLA says it is taxed till April 2018, MOT till October 2018. So come on own up. Screen snip from the ad. Cheers Ian
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