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  1. Iain I’m not sure how old the exhaust system is, or even the manufacturer as it was already on the car when I purchased it late 2017. The car had only just come out of a restoration by the previous owner, so I suspect the system was fairly new. My current thoughts are to keep the system as is, but try and get an additional exhaust silencer fitted to hopefully improve the situation.
  2. Hi it’s presently fitted with big bore 4 into 1 manifold and mid and rear exhaust, which consists of 3 sections. The rear section is the box, not sure on make or supplier of the system but it’s to noisy. I suspect the rear box has poor quality or possibly no sound deadening inside. I thought that getting a new large bore box might hopefully improve the situation?
  3. Hi thank you to all on the various comments, when the weather improves I will get the TR3 out of the garage and do another check utilising the the suggested method mentioned on the discussions. I live just south of Cambridge, and I have made contact with a specialist exhaust company called Demand Engineering Ltd who are based at Stowmarket, Suffolk. I did ask whether they could assist in manufacturing a better rear box box or even two in line, and they have asked for some photos of the exhaust taken beneath the car whilst on axle stands. The various points raised so far on whether to ge
  4. Has any one fitted the TR Revington stainless steel complete exhaust system with the Extractor manifold (Part No: RTR2074K) to a Tr3A with a high port head. I presently have a 4 into 1 big bore exhaust manifold with a straight through exhaust to a single large bore rear exhaust box. The problem is it’s very noisy and Revington claim their system is much quieter at 93 decibels. My present one is 122 decibels. The car has been set up with a fast road/track Newman cam, polished and ported etc and twin Webber 45 DCOE. It goes well but the exhaust is to noisy for road/touri
  5. Hi looking at fitting the TR Revington Fuel Gauge & Sender kit to my 59 TR3A, has anyone had previous experience with the kit. The Revington part number is RTR8564 NK. Any feedback on the kit would be greatly appreciated. Martin Holmes
  6. Looking at purchasing a new TR3A steel front apron, and have heard stories that they do not fit. Would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone who has purchased and fitted a new front apron on a TR3 or TR3A.
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