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  1. Every year I take a short holiday at a splendid hotel overlooking the sea, near Truro in Cornwall. They serve a magnificent afternoon tea - and get this controversy absolutely right. Every day they provide a heaped plate of scones, a large pot of clotted cream, and two pots of jam (one Strawberry, one of Raspberry). After this it is up to greedy sods like me to make my own 'what goes on first' decisions....
  2. Cornwall isn't a county, it is a separate nation. You don't believe me ? Then go to ask any true Cornishman and he will tell you ....
  3. I'm sorry to report that Peter Browning (one time Competitions Manager of BMC/British Leyland) died on Sunday. He wasn't important to the TR Register, but we respected him in the overall Triumph movement for the way that he master-minded the 2.5PI entries in the 1970 World Cup Rally (where Brian Culcheth was second and Paddy Hopkirk was 4th). A great and modest guy - and was always friendly to our movement.
  4. My second jab is booked for next week- but of course I am a lot older than 56 .... In my part of the world, the NHS has been quietly super-efficient. Thanks guys and gals ....
  5. The new (April 2021) issue of CLASSIC & SPORTS CAR contains an eight page feature about the 'works' TR4, 3VC, followed by a four-page piece on Triumph in motorsport. I hope you all enjoy reading it ....
  6. I managed to persuade CLASSIC & SPORTS CAR to put my tribute to my dear old friend on their website.
  7. Oh wow !. Three big clubs, with big memberships, and big personalities running them, all getting together to be involved in one mega-event. Soon someone will have to be appointed as the Top Man to knock all the heads together, and to produce a seamless weekend. So who should that be ? And no, I'm not looking for a prestige job .... Hon. Pres.
  8. A pity Joe Root and Johnny Bairstow don't play rugby union too .... but I would say that, I'm a Yorkshireman ....
  9. The 'works' Triumph team used the Bristol freighters regularly in my time in the early 1960s - usually Lydd - Le Touquet, which took about 20 minutes. They also did Southend to Rotterdam, etc. They carried three cars and up to 20 passengers. During the 1960s they were superseded by four-engined Carvairs, larger aircraft which were Douglas DC4s re-engineered for nose-loading by Freddie Laker's company. The longest journeys we regularly took were from Southend to Geneva. Journeys were surprisingly cost-effetive for us - and they saved a lot of time compared with ferries from Dover.
  10. Number plate swapping was never carried out by us. But if you want to see where that was practiced as an Olympic-standard art, look at my friend Robert Young's new book about 'works' Mini-Coopers ! I bet he had a real headache sorting them out Hon. Pres.
  11. All four cars were ordered with the optional 2.0-litre engine, all were delivered with the 2.0-litre engines, and all of course were assembly-line-manufactured TR4s. 'Are they all known' ? Of course - all are currently in the UK, with owners known to us in the TR Register. Move along please .... nothing to see here.... Hon. Pres.
  12. Here is the definitive answer : January 1962 : I asked our Fleet Managers to get me four distinctive numbers - they came back from the licencing office with 3VC, 4VC, 5VC and 6VC. March 1962 : As was their usual 'system', they made up the plates and sent them across to us to fit to the cars. When I told them that we would use plastic stick-on plates instead, they were not best pleased. The redundant plates went into storage in their (not our) workshops. April 1962 ; We correctly applied the stick-on plates to the 'works' TR4 cars, as and when they were compl
  13. I'll guess at an Allard M-Type of the late 1940s - complete with a side-valve Ford V8 engine. Your call .... Hon. Pres.
  14. Morgan builds about 15 cars a week, I understand.
  15. As a senile old Hon. President, I can't recall ever ruling out Stafford. However, I can recall working (as a commentator) at TSCC events there in the 1990s, and it was the TSSC, rather than the TRR, which originally decided to withdraw because of a lack of some facilities (and no, I have quite forgotten what they were ....). But that was then, and this is now. For all I know, Stafford is a much more capable place than it was - and like Malvern, it is handily close to the road systems in the Midlands, and therefore acceptable to most TRR and TSSC members.. Let me close by insisti
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