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  1. thanks all. Hi Ian/Mike, yes I used the list previously but was let down so wanted a referral/recommendation. I'm actually based out here and am looking for someone to build a rapport with. there's a garage called 'Infinite motors' based out of Nyon who sponsor the annual classic car meet in Morges but i don't know anything about them and they're not on the TR breakdown list (could be a good thing)
  2. Hello Can anyone recommend a mechanic/garage in the Lausanne/Geneva area of Switzerland? I went to Garage du Levant in Lausanne which was on the TR register list but the guy made my TR6 worse, not to mention putting a massive chip in the (new) paintwork. One of the problems (there are a few) is that 2 of the rule injectors have gone on me again. I've done the usual thing of pulling them out and tapping to get the spray, replaced the rule injectors and it was fine for a year. The metering unit is relatively new so I'm a bit stumped...time for an expert to take a look, hence my request.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I shall take you up on that advice, Cheers Bobby
  4. Hello all I'm currently ⅓ of the way through a restoration project, bodywork and chassis restored by the very excellent protek engineering, and have saved up enough to start on the hood and interior. As I live in Switzerland it's difficult to visit shops that sell hoods and all the websites and adverts in ccw look good, so, can anyone recommend a good supplier. I've looked at TR Revington and car hoods direct and they look ok, but would prefer advice. Also, my current hood is battered with rips/tears just above the corner of the windows and I'm just wondering if no matter what hood
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