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  1. Hmmm...... A couple of hours spend trying to work out why column was not earthed. Left it for a while and then came back and thought I would approach from another angle. I checked connectivity between chassis and rack, all good. I checked connectivity between rack and bottom joint of column, all good. I checked connectivity between middle and top section of column, all good. I pressed the horn button, got the shock of my life when the horn sounded. False alarm.
  2. I have had my TR4 for a few years now. Ever since I have had it the horn has been on a toggle switch where the heater switch should be. I am now getting around to replacing the cracked old badge on the steering wheel so decided it would be a good time to get the horn working the way it should. I have fitted a new horn button, slip ring and brush but I am unable to get the horn to work. It appears that the steering column is not earthed. Checking continuity I can trace the connectivity back to the steering rack, where it stops. Can someone please offer some suggestions as to how I can g
  3. HI All Been lurking for a while but now it is time to come forward and ask a question. I have a 1964 TR4 which I drive regularly . The only really annoying thing about it is that the front disks squeal extremely loudly after I have been driving for a while. I have been thinking for a while that I would like to upgrade the front disks and also possibly getting the "green stuff" pads in the hope that this may stop the squealing but also improve the stopping power. My TR is a late model so I am assuming that I have 10-13/16 inch disks but what I am unsure of is the type of callipers
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