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  1. are tr6 and tr4a windscreen frame the same. will a tr6 frame fit a tr4a car. thanks
  2. Hello Red 6 I'am intested in the 4a windscreen frame. what part of the country do you live. thank you Ray
  3. my one is still in the box in the garage loft
  4. thanks for the feedback ray
  5. Morning all Advice please. The mechanical fuel pump on my 4A delivers one and a quarter to two and a half lbs per sq inch. The electric pump I bought delivers 90 to120 litres per hour. I cannot convert lbs to litres or pressure to volume. I would like to know what volume I need and should I fit a regulator between the pump and the SU carbs? Has anyone fitted a electric pump to their 4A? Help please! Thanks Ray
  6. Help. why does my horn keep going off , I know its going to earth, how do you stop it, is it the nylon washer on the steering column cowl ass'y or something else. thank ray
  7. Hi Steven I made mine by using a 7/16th socket and welding a bar/handle approximately 30 degrees onto it. Hope this helps. Regards Ray
  8. Help! I have a problem with the windscreen frame sealing to the body work the two outside rod tighten down and the seal is perfect but in the middle I have a gap between the bottom of the windscreen frame and the bodywork I can not tighten down the three middle bolts anymore to close the gap between the frame and the windscreen the dash top is leather [new] and underneath that is the original hardboard type material any advice would be appreciated many thanks ray
  9. hi, is they someone out there who will lend me or hire me a set of wheel dollys for one month I live north Essex. thanks ray.
  10. Thanks for the feed-back. I've also discovered that methylated spirits is also good for getting the grime off. Ray
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