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  1. Gents, That’s great, thank you. Do you have any chosen adhesives or sealants that you recommend? I see that Seals Direct have all sorts. Chris
  2. Hi Team, It’s been a while since there was any input on the best rubber Seal for a Backlight to Rear Deck on a Tr4-5-6. Is there a better, go to version or has the last decade resulted in the same offerings from the usual suspects? Mine has just started to crack and fall apart so it would be good to get it sorted before lockdown is over. Cheers, Chris
  3. Wow Tom, what Porsche colour is that? Chris
  4. Hi all, Can anyone who has a Moss supercharger installation help me with the electric fuel pump. Mine has destroyed its self and I can't see which type it is? It looks like an Airtex ,but I have no idea of the model. Can any one help? Best regards, Chris
  5. Probably a very silly question, I've just imported a TR250 and have started filling in the V55/5 and when I get to question 11 onwards it keeps referring to the certificate on conformity? Do I need one of these? Best, Chris
  6. I'm located on the south coast near Southampton. I wonder if CFM have had any experience.
  7. Can anyone recommend where I can get an aluminium hard top for a TR5 refurbished ? It's actually in good condition now, but needs some very minor fettling and strip/repaint by someone that knows what they are doing? Chris
  8. AL, I'd be interested to hear how you get on as I'm going to do the same in about a month? Did you have any other issues, I guess it's imported? Chris
  9. CanJ

    New interior

    Nice Job. Can I ask where you got your seat covers?
  10. Peter, you should have the PM.
  11. Many thanks Peter, I've sent you a PM. What about the merits of water injection? Do you think that it's worth looking at?
  12. Thanks for all of your advice, I've given the engine a thorough going over and all appears to be well. Moss seems to talk about ensuring that the ignition system is upto scratch so rather than trusting an Old-Tech Dissy, would you advise going for something alittle more exotic like the 123ignition system? If so, what sort of retard/advance should I look at? I ask as they now offer a tunable option where the ignition can be mapped? Any thoughts?
  13. I'm looking to get a Moss Supercharger for my stock TR250. Has anyone got any experience with this kit? What performance can I expect and it there anything I should do to prep the car to take the extra HP?
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