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  1. Wow Tom, what Porsche colour is that? Chris
  2. Hi all, Can anyone who has a Moss supercharger installation help me with the electric fuel pump. Mine has destroyed its self and I can't see which type it is? It looks like an Airtex ,but I have no idea of the model. Can any one help? Best regards, Chris
  3. Probably a very silly question, I've just imported a TR250 and have started filling in the V55/5 and when I get to question 11 onwards it keeps referring to the certificate on conformity? Do I need one of these? Best, Chris
  4. I'm located on the south coast near Southampton. I wonder if CFM have had any experience.
  5. Can anyone recommend where I can get an aluminium hard top for a TR5 refurbished ? It's actually in good condition now, but needs some very minor fettling and strip/repaint by someone that knows what they are doing? Chris
  6. AL, I'd be interested to hear how you get on as I'm going to do the same in about a month? Did you have any other issues, I guess it's imported? Chris
  7. CanJ

    New interior

    Nice Job. Can I ask where you got your seat covers?
  8. CanJ

    Moss Supercharger

    Peter, you should have the PM.
  9. CanJ

    Moss Supercharger

    Many thanks Peter, I've sent you a PM. What about the merits of water injection? Do you think that it's worth looking at?
  10. CanJ

    Moss Supercharger

    Thanks for all of your advice, I've given the engine a thorough going over and all appears to be well. Moss seems to talk about ensuring that the ignition system is upto scratch so rather than trusting an Old-Tech Dissy, would you advise going for something alittle more exotic like the 123ignition system? If so, what sort of retard/advance should I look at? I ask as they now offer a tunable option where the ignition can be mapped? Any thoughts?
  11. I'm looking to get a Moss Supercharger for my stock TR250. Has anyone got any experience with this kit? What performance can I expect and it there anything I should do to prep the car to take the extra HP?
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