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  1. It was actually a Mars orbiter lost by NASA in the late 1990s, but is was due to one subcontractor using Imperial units while NASA (unlike most of the US) uses Metric.
  2. Halfords have the Industrial Cabinet and Chest Bundle on offer at the moment for £399
  3. To answer the topic question "Nothing!" it's 20 degrees and full sun we are out for a drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Click on Rods name at the top left corner of his post and you will see a message tab open
  5. More details please, commission number, registration??
  6. The credits say the vehicles are provided by Great Escape Cars
  7. Kevo I think there are TR6 owners/forum members all the way along your planned route. Just make sure you have internet access to post if you need any assistance.
  8. You are correct - here is an image I just took
  9. Don't seem to have the problem with my US car - could the luggage rack be helping???
  10. I don't know if it works the same on others models but here is a link to a youtube video of the method for a TR6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS2FhnWK6_o
  11. If you do try to weld repair it then it could take several tries. The flaw will be contaminated with oil and even very careful cleaning will not get rid of it all. The first (and possibly second and third) attempts at welding will probably be porous due to contamination but grinding them out and re-welding will eventually lead to a sound weld.
  12. What is the number for the " puissance fiscal" for a US ( not PI) TR6?
  13. Mike Mine is a US version on twin Stromberg carbs. Phil
  14. It least it got you all away from discussing deceased politicians.
  15. Will do - after long period of reflection and consumption of copious amounts of red wine
  16. The red rotor arm that is in it at the moment has a 6 stamped on the rotor leg The original one which came with the vehicle 6 years ago has no marking that I can see nor the Lucas The distance on all of them is around 1.150-inch from the center of the contact point to the tip.
  17. Many thanks to everybody who has helped to try to solve this problem. It is now on hold until October. I will charge up the battery, disconnect it, put some stabilizer in the fuel and cover it over for the summer then leave for France- hopefully meet up with "kiwifrog" and "cliveinfrance" while I am there. I intend to try and find a local mechanic when I get back - more difficult than you might think in the land of Chevrolets and Fords - current mechanics plug into the diagnostic computer then replace the bit it tells them is faulty. I might have to get the local wrecker service to haul it s
  18. When the trouble began I had an unknown rotor arm - changed it to a Lucas from Moss USA - then changed it again to a red one from AccuSpark in the UK Plug leads are Cobalts from Moss USA -don't know if they are silicon or wire these have been on for three years and I have not changed them during the search for a solution. Phil
  19. I think that is an excellent suggestion. It has been too wet - it brightened up beautifully at the end of January which is when I went to go out for run and the problem started.
  20. Yes - took the cap off and watched it go round
  21. Thanks for all the tips - Reference the responses to granitemans uneven running question in another post - I suspect it is electrical and the next plan, even though the coil seems to test out OK, is to replace it. Part of my thought process from the onset of the problem was that nothing had been changed mechanically since it last ran - it fired up for a few seconds back at the end of January and then cut-out leading me to speculate that there was an electrical issue and that is what I have been chasing ever since. Along the way I have drained and replaced the fuel just in case of deteriorat
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