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  1. Thanks guys not had time to do the job yet, but does look do able from the cockpit side regards JT
  2. Decided to fit a new prv from prestige injection,as was getting resonance from the pump in the summer hot days, but found that the prv mounting had broken on one side, cant get the body of the prv undone from the T piece. So need to replace the mountings at the same time but only way to access as far as i can see is to remove the fuel tank. Can anyone tell me the way to remove the tank and what sort of job it is. Haynes manual goes on about removing the centre capping of the rear elbow rail retaining screws and slide the capping to one side until its other end is clear of the side capping
  3. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, will check them all out Regards JT
  4. Relatively new TR6 owner car purchased last year,just passed its first MOT with me with flying colours, car rebuilt 2008 with new shockers installed, poly bushed etc, car is great to drive on main roads but around the country lanes you realy have to avoid potholes and any uneven surface, they make the car rattle and shake IS THIS SCUTTLE SHAKE or do I need to look at the suspension set up, makes my day to day car feel like a Rolls Royce. regards john t
  5. Hi Phil Had the same problem a few weeks ago main beam, side lights, headlamp flash worked fine, but no dip headlights. Traced it back to the original clear hooters light switch on the dash,seamed to be working fine but wasnt,these clear hooters switches are nown for giving problems. Ordered a new replacement switch swapped it over lights worked fine again. Only problem you will have is the replacemnt switch wont fit in the dash just a bit too wide, you will need to file out the metal plate behind the dashboard . I found the easiest way to remove the steering wheel you then have a
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