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  1. Not a big steam buff Bob, but graddad was an engine driver, so I was brought up on our local line which he worked and in the school holiday's with me on the footplate and him letting me drive it....Halcyon day's. Wiki says it's an IVATT class 2MT and that engine was on the last service to Lymington on April 1967, I assume it was from Swanage. Dave
  2. Went up to Grassington and a gentle stroll around the village, had an afternoon lunch at the Forrester Hotel then home via Kinsley, Arncliff, Malham and Gisburn. Back home on the lights. Dave
  3. T TRac for me very good on my TR6. Buy from Camskill. Dave
  4. This is going to be a long thread Peter. :D Dave That remind's me, i've a couple of photos from the Rochdale show. Will put them up.
  5. He's a graffter that's for sure. On the other hand he could be a danger to himself and others by not taking sufficent rest's. Dave
  6. That's good, glad it all work out for you. Don't worry to much, a good wage in Poland is about £550 a month. Shiply would have found him another run down South or even back over to the Europe mainland. Do you know if Shiply paid the ferry and the paper work? Dave
  7. Is it back yet, if so how did things go? Dave
  8. I stand to be corrected but, haven't we a member on here that has something to do with a classic car mag who could or maybe able to help? Dave
  9. Eck! There's loads of them. I think the TR6 must be rarer than the 5. Need to get the calculater out Dave
  10. I used Shipley, Mk 4 Spitfire from Rochdale to Eastleigh. I was re-embersed by the buyer, £190 they did everything we asked. Pick up 7.30 pm deliver by 8am following morning. 1st choice for me. Dave
  11. John, I think it would be wise to delete your email address on your avatar. Sorry, ment your profile Dave
  12. Another MOT under the belt. You can throw the Viagra away now Roger. :lol: Dave
  13. Mine is loud when I turn it on, it's best to put it on the first setting until it stops (not long) then switch to the full. I was in Innsbruck a couple of years ago waiting in a filter lane to turn left and up over the Brenner Pass, a young lad pulled up beside me reving the nuts off his motor. I turned the heater on full and it was screaming, looked over to the lad then looked at his car as if that was the problem. By then the heater went quiet, the lights changed and I was away, looked in the mirror and he'd popped the bonnet, i doubt he ever found the problem, I couldn't stop laughing.
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