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  1. Not even a little "con" ? This forum managed to kill the 10th man. RIP
  2. Now that I have your attention... it's been a while that most of us have been struggling with the Register DOS-type steam search engine. While browsing one MGTF forum I came across the type of indexation I've been looking for on the Register forum, to no avail. So here is it: https://www.the-t-bar.com/forum/54-how-tos/25321-a-to-z-of-how-to-guides-pics-and-videos Could the co-coordinators take this onboard please ? Cheers
  3. I would definitely bang/pull the rear valance out without removing. The sill calls for replacement, you'll never get the folds back to shape
  4. This is what i'm looking for ! Thanks all
  5. As stated - something simple for test/trial where one can upload car pics and change the color of the body or part thereof, wheels, trims in one click ???
  6. I'd love to read that the leak isn't related to a bent front engine plate
  7. Found this schematic to illustrate Lebro's explanation.
  8. I blame it on customer education and the internet. Many new TR owners are still professionally active, spoilt and don't know about parts hardship back in the days. Between the immediately of getting your supply on the cheap in one-click with guarantee (cough) and after sale service (cough-cough) and spending hours and days scooting for OE - for a price, the maths are quickly done. It boils down to a business decision IMO. What you could do is to hookup with small suppliers focusing on quality and customer relationship i.e. TR shop and propose your parts there. They themselves are offering OE recon but they are struggling to respond to the demand so it's very much dependent on availability. The advantage is that you will benefit from the exposure, brand and marketing machine of a well established business and won't have to build your brand yourself.
  9. Just bring your knock-offs for re-chroming, they will grind and buff them nicely. My originals were completely shot with deep hammering marks and this is what it got back
  10. That what I didn't wanted to read. Fortunately it on primer so not a biggie, yet something i didn't wanted to do. No free lunch, ever... Thanks
  11. Gents, years of bumper-to-bumper driving has taken its toll on the front valance. Now that the car is at the paintshop i'm trying to find a redress because i can't refit the grille properly (see schematic). The sides are ok (where the cups are) but the whole lower section of the grille fools the valance. I miss at least 5 mm to be able to slide the grille in properly. Now trying to find a way to do it. I've tried bending the skirt of the valance to get some clearance but it comes back to shape so it's not the right way. Banging the flat of the valance doesn't work either, all it does is denting it and whacking on a long wooden across the flat doesn't work either as it rebounds. There should be a more structural and definite solution. So how ? Cheers
  12. Geko


    yes there's a mickey mouse gasket but you'll probably tear it while attempting to refit the dizzy gear so whatever RTV will do indeed
  13. Geko


    The key at the bottom doesn't "allow" for 180* difference because it's offset. Just make sure that the slot is pointing towards the #1 pushrod as per the pic with the larger part of the offset towards you As Roger mentions, it will take several attempts to get it smack in because the gear is on a spiral.
  14. And that's the way it must be. Never heard of recommended torque for knock-offs as they tighten as you drive. 300-400 Nm seems madness or we should open a PQI on those mickey mouse wrenches sold by the usuals !
  15. Geko

    Coke Head!

    Why don’t you try decoking with water through the carbs and take a compression test thereafter ? You may be positively surprised with the result and may not need to take the head off afterwards
  16. FWIW, fitting strengthening packing under the rear deck and inside the lid should be more effective in spreading the extra load than replacing the hinges
  17. Geko

    TR4 Wiring Strap

    These straps aren't original as far as know. The wiring loom runs down the wheel arch and the straps are metal bends welded to the inner wing. They do fracture though, that's probably why they have been replaced with these plastic straps.
  18. I find the issue somewhat minor as compared to what I dealt with a few years back - no protrusion. I would just skim the head and put a new copper gasket with RTV.
  19. They really don't need much to scan the color, a small chip of few mms is enough
  20. Or, with an angle grinder shave all the nuts to the next metric size, or approaching... 4 or 8 nuts at a time skewered on a long bolt held in a vise.
  21. Gents, for the breaking-in I have a big magnet which I want to stick somewhere to monitor the scraps if any. What's the best place: Bottom of the oil filter (spin-on) or bottom of the sump? As always
  22. I think it is the routing. Shippers i've dealt with departed from East coast and US land transport can cost a bomb if the shipment is located in the inner states. A 12FT container is ~ £ 2-3K. From Southampton the same is ~ £1.2-1.5K depending on the cost of land transport.
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