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    It's more like surmising methinks
  2. Geko


    Damning.... Imagine #10 people pushing their trolleys in a near empty test supermarket and trying to outbid other customers. TP rolls stories spring to mind. Ministers have been flailing. What has emerged is a picture of confusion and uncertainty at the top, with ministers making promises they cannot keep and apparently with little comprehension of the global tussle for tests that may make it impossible for the UK to buy its way belatedly out of the problem. The UK is now competing with every other nation to obtain the kits it needs, particularly the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which tells someone whether they have Covid-19 or not. The Guardian has been told that presidents and prime ministers are trying to outbid each other to secure these kits and their components, which are in short supply. The US also has woken up to the need to test – and is telling companies that export them that America must come first. “In all countries we have prime ministers calling the CEOs and diagnostic companies to try to get hold of the stocks. Indonesia and Peru we know have offered to order several million tests and send private planes to pick the tests up. There is more going on behind the scenes to secure supplies,” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/01/absolutely-wrong-how-uk-coronavirus-test-strategy-unravelled
  3. Geko


    It all boils down to your last point to which my answer was devoid of any malice: Women's instinct has not been as compromised as men's for the simple reason that they bear life, so I would trust them more than men's instinct. On the "necessity" of my comment, just go through this article which was released a few hours after my comment: Blanket testing is the way forward for both reasons explained above. Why it has not happened yet is explained and indeed when politics gets in the way of common sense this is what you get. UK simply does not have the capacity to do it but which politician is going to put his arse on the line and say that this wonderful NHS of yours is blatantly unable to withstand this shock? So instead, let's buy time and run the herd's immunity chatterbox which, btw, may work only if and when there's already a vaccine available. Back to common sense, take a look at your shoe soles and think that they may be the grand carrier of the virus if you keep your shoes at home - which asians don't do and probably one bloody good reason why the virus didn't spread as fast as in Europe/US despite a much higher population density. Twenty five years ago China started fining people caught spitting. The main reason was because the sputum stuck on the soles was the main vector of transmission of TB...Believe it or not but China's ban on spitting greatly contributed to control TB transmission countrywide.
  4. Uitstekend Tony ! Nu zal u probeer in the het Frans omdat ik ben Franstalig - moeder taal
  5. + 1 teleshocks don't do well on a TR, it's expensive, cumbersome, adds stress to the body... you name it. Alternator conversion a must as it opens a world of opportunities for new electrical appliance.
  6. https://uk.dhgate.com/product/38-wrench-set-universal-keys-9-22mm-multi/512289173.html#hugsave-0-null
  7. aaaah but then you haven't tried this new little gizmo yet :
  8. Very well documented: https://gibsonauction.hibid.com/catalog/197998/british-triumph-cars-and-parts-sale/
  9. You're the half-empty type.
  10. Since the time, those pesky vise-grips are still clamping on any flexible hose within reach !
  11. Hi have a pair of ugly looking TAs for cleanup. What would be the best dipping solution before finishing with jet and wire brush ? Surface isn't a problem, hollow parts are so I would need something drastic. Some pointers please. As always S
  12. Hola, I still have one leftover in similar condition with studs, new gaskets and new spacers. Must have the bolts somewhere. Not ported. Yours for £70 including postage. PM if interested.





    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-07 at 01.49.08.jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-07 at 01.49.07(1).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-07 at 01.49.07.jpeg

  13. Geko

    TR5 parts

    https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/forum/53-parts-and-cars/ I would start with TRR: "Classifieds" is for anything and you can choose your category (not user friendly though) or "For Sale, Swap or Wanted, maximum value £250 " (user friendly but capped). In general very good and quality response albeit limited audience especially for TR5 parts.
  14. 3M OUTDOOR double-sided tape is anything proof
  15. Ebay: type "Desmo" or "Barnacle" tax disc holder
  16. That's assuming rebuild done by a pro, as he intends to do. DIY job is half of the above figures of course
  17. There's always a wide price difference between 86/87 mm (~£ 250) and 89 mm (~£400). You can't find 89mm for less than that simply because there's less demand hence smaller production.
  18. For a basic rebuild you're in the 3K range. 4K range with some exotic upgrades. 5K and above for top notch job
  19. Having gone through this I came to the conclusion that the simplest and most effective solution to reduce chassis flex is to add a second breast plate just like on TR6.
  20. Geko

    eBay scams

    It's internet gents, most of it is trash.
  21. Pratical, good luck to track oil leaks on a black engine and easier to work in a engine bay with a color that reflects light rather than absorbs it.
  22. Shaky arrangement. This is the way it should be, no compromise. If you need to rotate the engine more than 90* make sure you use an hollow bar as an extension to the supplied bar or else you'll be painfully reminded Newton's laws of motion. And wear safety shoes...
  23. Very much so, I had to add packing pieces on my 4A CTM chassis which apparently had the long pins fitted.
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