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  1. Without the front screen, you can drive under car park barriers too - saves a fortune on parking costs !
  2. Blimey - That´s quite a cornering technique ! He must have better tyres than I do
  3. A bit disappointing that there is no engine bay picture - that´s the most interesting bit !
  4. We´ve just ordered 2 standard 150BHP Pi-spec camshafts from Moss for 2 engine rebuilds currently underway in our workshops - I´ve not had the chance to see one yet so I can´t be certain of the quality. Perhaps someone else has ordered one from Moss previously and would be in a position to comment ? Regards, Martin.
  5. Fantastic stuff - thanks again Derek ! I will pass on the information to our customer. He seemed a little dissapointed when we discovered his engine was not the original Pi unit. At least now we can stamp the correct number into the Pi-spec engine I am building - i´m sure this will cheer him up ! Martin.
  6. Wow ! Thank you very much Derek, that´s amazing and very kind of you to take the time and look up the info for me ! May I ask what the source of the information is ? Factory records perhaps ? Martin.
  7. Hi TR6 folks, I´m currently doing an engine rebuild for a customer who bought his TR6 in a dismantled state in Germany. The car is a 1970 LHD Pi specification car carrying chassis number 1CP50946LP. I´ve discovered that the 1 prefix and P suffix denote a car assembled in Belgium from a CKD kit but the engine number is also unusual. It looks as if there has been an engine swap at some point in the car´s history as the number on the engine now reads CC76662UE. The CC I believe denotes that this cylinder block was originally a USA-spec carb engine (this matches the camshaft fitted) but the cylinder head is still the correct Pi item for the age of vehicle. What I have not seen before is an engine number beginning CC and ending UE. Is this perhaps a re-stamped number (although the stamping looks factory to me and very similar to other TR6 engines we have in storage) or have I missed something ? In another, similar topic on the forums, it is suggested that the UE could be an LE or HE to indicate compression. The stamping is clearly a UE. I hope someone will be able to shed a little light on the subject as I promised the owner I would do a little detective work on his behalf ! He would also dearly love to find out his original engine number - how could this be achieved ? Thanks in advance for any help received. Regards, Martin.
  8. Hi Bill & Co. Thanks for the flywheel and clutch combination info. I´ll have to do some experimenting myself and see what combination works best for me over here with what´s available. I had a rummage in the parts store this afternoon and turned up this flywheel, marked TR3-4. I hope they are the pictures you require ! Regards, Martin.
  9. I´ll have a look in the parts store and parts books at work tomorrow lunchtime Bill, see if I can find one to photograph or scan. Is this the best flywheel to use for the conversion then ? Martin.
  10. Absolutely beautiful - a fantastic job done ! Makes me want to drive my TR3a right now. Sadly, it must wait for the spring and official registration here in Switzerland, following importation. Must be patient
  11. This seems to be a topic often discussed ! I´m heading back to England for 2 days next week to collect a large amount of spares for my 2.5Pi restoration. These include 2 complete gearboxes from Triumph 2000´s, both of which have A-type overdrive units. I have been reading lots on the forum here and all across the interweb trying to gather information on converting a TR3a to 2000 gearbox with overdrive as I may use 1 of the aforementioned gearboxes to attempt this. There´s plenty of useful information but it takes a bit of wading through ! Has anyone managed to put together a definitive specification for a clutch system used when doing this conversion ?
  12. Whilst the smoother look of the front end without a bumper is nice, I prefer the overall appearance of the car with a bumper. It would probably prevent some rather expensive body and paint repairs if one had a small bump at the front although I can´t imagine it will deflect much of an impact ! Personally, I will be leaving my bumper on. (As it hides the accident damage and subsequent filler that the previous owner saw fit to bestow upon the car )
  13. A very beautiful car Graham - all credit to you for a fine restoration
  14. Raised the blinds this morning to find a small change in the weather had occurred overnight. Where yesterday there was a little grey cloud but still mild autumnal temperatures, today looked a little different : We´ll be needing snowchains if we´re planning on going out today !
  15. 10 points for AlanR ! Put the 3rd one on first, the 1st one on second and the 2nd one on third (sliding in between the two already fitted). I use a little copper grease to help the whole lot slide along the backplate as smoothly as possible. Don´t forget to put the rubber protector over the handbrake lever before attaching the cable. I realise i´ve forgotten it as soon as I fit the split-pin, almost every time !
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