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  1. Hi Dave, My shop is heated and insulated. Depends where you wanna go in BC ( why would you wanna go to BC, most people there don't like old cars). Here , and I'm 50 km from the BC border, we get to around -35 C to -40 C in winter for a month or two but it is very dry, even the snow isn't wet. So as long as you stay away from the coast, you can just park it in any shop, heated or not. My shop is 72 by 32 but totally filled cars and other good car stuff, if not you could have parked it here. Yves
  2. I fitted Kuhmo's on mine. Really good tires, nice older style look and not to expensive, think I paid about 50$ a tire. Put the same make on my P1800 and no complaints. Not sure if you can buy those in the UK, here they are sold at OK tire shops. Yves
  3. Hi Mick, I do see your point,but still, I would not upgrade my brakes, fit roll-cage or modernize my old cars, the get me home tire being my exception. And I think you guys need some sort of vehicle inspection. Hey Man, this is red neck Alberta, we need nothing and can drive whatever we want, the fact that there is no traffic here, except for the two main cities, helps big time. So I do understand that you might be more concerned with the legal issues. Yves
  4. I use a " get me home space saver" from a Chrysler, I think K series. It fits perfect on the spare rim. Most guys here are pretty scared about being pulled over by the cops or get in some freak accident and get spanked by the insurance. I mean, why would you be pulled over all of a sudden when you probably didn't get stopped by the cops once in the last years.......and a spare tire only gets you to the next town were you would get it fixed at a tire shop anyway.....so I guess you wouldn't do more then 80 km on the spare....so my point, get what you can afford and what gets you home. Yves
  5. Thanks for the help and advice. Yves
  6. Hi Guys, After a long hard and hot run my 3A always leaks some coolant liquid from the overflow, pretty normal because I keep topping it up. This time I did notice that the coolant was foaming when it overflowed. Checked oil level and that was perfect, drained coolant and did not notice any oil contamination, my first worry was a leak at the liner base. I torqued the head down, but that was OK. so I'm thinking that I'm leaking exhaust gasses in my coolant. Any other theories out there? Could I be able to detect this with a CO gas detector? Or is this no reason for concern as long as oil and coolant stay normal? Just take the head of and have a look? Thanks, Yves
  7. Peter, Thanks for the info! Didn't realize that there are different octane ratings. Yves
  8. Hi, Interesting to see the different oils that are used. Seems that different regions have access to different oils, I never seen 20W-50 oil for sale here. I use 10W30 Castrol GTX, cheap in Wall mart, and add Lucas zinc additive with every other oil change. I used that for many miles in my P1800, 74 Volkswagen camper, the TR's and planning on using it in the Healey. Could have something to do with weather/temp. conditions. Most of you guys can enjoy a longer TR season than we do over here, we usually see the last snow going in May and it's back already, hope to enjoy a couple of nice fall days but we never now if that's gonna happen. Talking about additives, I always use fuel additives when I fill the cars up, premium grade gas is only 92 octane, so I always add octane booster. Don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but pretty sure one of you guys can make me a bit wiser on that one. Yves
  9. Hi Guys, Did send an email to the seller but no reply yet. I'm all week in Calgary, were the cars are, so hopefully he contacts me and I can go and have a look. With all the PM 's I received and members commenting here on parts they need or want, makes me feel pretty confident that I can help some members if I can buy the cars. I think, but not sure , that they are both 1952 and both have an OD fitted. Keep you posted! Yves
  10. Hi Guys, Just noticed that somebody local ( 3 hrs from here) is selling 2 TR2's for restoration. He is asking 3000 Cad$ ( about 2000 sterling I think). I'll try to go over there this weekend and buy them if they are not in to bad a shape. So if anyone need some special TR 2 spares.... I'll keep you guys informed! Yves
  11. Sending from BC to Europe shouldn't be that bad, goes on the ship in Vancouver. Most expensive is the road transport to the port, not the shipping. BC has a wet ( European) climate, so cars do rust. 13000 should buy a nice car, if I see the prices that guys overseas are willing to pay..... Don't know where Some people get the idea that everything US/Canadian is surely going to be an incomplete piece of junk. Sure that some US and Canadian owners can tell you different. There should be some members on this forum that can check out a car for someone overseas, I can surely do that for anything located in Southern Alberta. Yves
  12. Hi, I always put fuel stabilizer/gas anti-freeze in my old cars and garden/power equipment. Seems to do the trick, but once fresh gas is added, everything sure runs better. My idea was that is was a good idea to put everything away for winter with a full tank of gas to prevent condensation and rust. Yves
  13. Hi, Do you mean those plastic things that hold the fan ( like zips). If so.....I don't think you should use those anyway, weld 4 little brackets on the side of the radiator to connect the fan. Looks pretty amateur to have parts fixed with plastic zips on a TR. Yves
  14. Hi Guys, No tech questions this time.....just being so happy that I have to share this....after six months of winter most of the snow is starting to melt. So I couldn't control myself anymore, TR came out for its first run in 6 months, my face still hurts from the smile . Drove around town and then to the liquor store, bought a couple of beers and drank them whilst looking at my TR...Life doesn't get any better than that! Yves
  15. Hey Rod, Use the original if you can. I had the original that came with my car re-cored, lost the crank hole and had brackets welded on the side for the extra electric fan. So I ended up with a brand new radiator for about 250 CAD, around 150Sterling I think. Original material is always better then going the aluminum( Aluminium..) route. Since then I never had to put the electric fan on, the cooling is just great. Yves
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