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  1. Thanks for sharing! Pleasure to read this, yves
  2. As we are all TR enthusiasts we should be happy with low prices, so we can buy more. One of the big issues, in my opinion, is that the classic car scene is and was invaded by people who were trying to make some cash, and then the real enthusiasts were hooped. Anyway, a car is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, if the buyer is happy to part with his cash then who are we to question this. Fact is that North America is still more down to earth when talking prices, just because most cars were send over here from new. Personally, I have difficulties believing the prices that so
  3. Fantastic! Enjoyed every second! Keep posting them! Yves
  4. Hi, Looks like my rear axle/differential oil seal ( to the prop shaft) has developed a substantial leak. Can I change this out with the axle in place? I do have a lift in my shop, so I can access easily from underneath. Looked in older posts but couldn't find any answers. Thanks, Yves
  5. Thanks, And yes, helpful information, think I'll be welding one on the radiator, angle iron, protector. Yves
  6. Hi, When I broke down some time ago with my seized distributor, my daughter pulled me to my shop. Doing this resulted it some minor body damage to the front valance under the bumper. The sling I used was in such an angle that it bend and twisted the valance. Would there be a way, or has somebody done this, to put a tow hook to the front. Advice and pics would be very welcome, Thanks, Yves
  7. Hi Peter, Yes, replacement fitted and working. Thanks, Yves
  8. Hi, Mentioned here a couple of weeks ago that my distributor seized up. Was finally able to get the shaft out of the bronze bushing, whilst doing so a number of little bonze pieces fell out. It appears that the top 1/2" of the bushing totally came to pieces. Don't know why this happened but lack of lubrication ( my bad) might be the reason. Yves
  9. Thanks for the advice and info. 1st cylinder on TDC on compression stroke, center of the distributor drive gear aiming at the 1st cylinder pushrod tube and on that drive the key way for the oil pump drive on the left hand side ( away from the engine block). Think this should be in the ball park to get something....but no luck. So I agree that timing seems totally off, because I did the most horrible thing and sprayed some go juice in two cylinders, and yes, big bang in the exhaust....getting desperate here. Any other advice or am I missing something. Yves
  10. Hi, In my efforts to fix/replace my seized distributor I am running into some weird issues. Still had an aftermarket new distributor lying around, fitted it after I made sure that timing and all was set up properly. Engine turns over good when low tension wire ( -) is disconnected. When I hook that wire up it seems that my engine is seizing up, stopping very suddenly. Disconnect wire or take distributor out and everything turns around smoothly again.....could it be possible that this distributor is grounded differently than the car ( car is pos. ground) And what exactly is different
  11. I agree Kevin, I probably did over-tighten this, scared that the distributor would come undone. Yves
  12. Thanks Peter. What would be the consequences if fitted up side down. The distributor would sit higher/lower but would that be enough to do damage? Yves
  13. Hi All, Not sure what side is up or down on the distributor clamp. Starting to think that this might have been a factor in my seized up distributor. Yves
  14. Hi All, Thanks for the advice and info. And yes, it was probably operator error as I don't remember ever lubricating the distributor. Could it be that I had the plate/clamp that hold the distributor in position, upside down. I noticed that both sides are different, one side sits like a little bit higher, no idea what is up or sits on the pedestal. Bob, the car is a 3A. Tried to get the pin out but no success so far. Yves
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