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  1. stevew2

    which tool sizes?

    The TR7 has both metric and imperial bolt sizes.
  2. not really, only parts required on the rear suspension are the lwr trailing arms
  3. Wow, lot of misinformation about this. The conversion is very straightforward and is all just bolt on. Parts needed are:- gearbox with remote, bellhsg, gearlever assy and associated bolts etc clutch box mtg is the same apart from an additional spacer and plate along with the longer bolt handbrake cable rear lwr links are different rear axle which is a 3.9:1 final drive ratio and not the 3.45:1 as stated in another post along with the 5 speed rear brakes prop gearlever gaiter along with the transmission tunnel plates and gaiter insulator think that is about it
  4. stevew2

    body panels

    Give me a call on 01706 874874
  5. The grinnall units are normally sd1 top mounts but they need to be modified.
  6. The later door have a recess in the frame for the internal locking knob to sit.The early doors don't have this.It's quite a straightforward job to transplant the required portion of the door from late to early. The internal door catch, although different between early and late they both fit in the same place so there is no difference there. Hope this helps Steve
  7. Rob, give me a bell and I'll talk you through the process. Steve
  8. Just to be clear on this issue any V8 with SU's can be fitted with the std air scoop/plenum without any modification.V8's fitted with a Holley/Webber with a 14 inch filter will need a small mod to the plenum.EFI engines will need more of a bespoke mod to the plenum to fit around that installation. The battery position has nothing to do with fitting a plenum.
  9. Not sure where they got the idea from but we(S&S) have had a tool just like that for years
  10. The UK TR7's didn't have any manifold to hd gaskets fitted from the factory. IIRC the only cars fitted with gaskets were the EFI cars (that's from the top of my head without checking the parts books) these where actually tin gaskets. The gaskets that are available are a composite material and were made to aid the fitting of tubular manifolds becuase it would be inpossible to get a seal between the hd and the manifold flange.
  11. It is the "Low Fuel Delay Unit"
  12. stevew2

    New Car

    Tom,does your new car have a boot spoiler and wood trim on the dash?
  13. If you can't get hold of one,let me know and I'll send you my copy.
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