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  1. During our latest TR run my 4A suddenly starting making a noise that sounded like the fan catching something. It's an electric fan that wasn't running so that was ruled out. The noise was defo engine speed related and increased with an increase of revs. Took the rocker cover off, thinking a tappet problem but nothing appeared wrong. The noise then disappeared. Drove the car home, 25miles, with no noise or any problems. Oil and temp were fine. At home have removed the timing chain cover, the sump and the plate at the bottom of the bell housing. with nothing untoward found. Gearbox oil was als
  2. Interestingly? if you input the reg. no. in here https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history it comes up with the car it's on. I think previously you had to input the car make as well. Alan.
  3. I support and lower the diff on a sand bag and trolley jack. Works well. Alan.
  4. The secret to pain free G/B replacement Alan
  5. Friend of mine is trying to source the square section o ring seal that is between the oil pump and engine. He tried the usual suspects who only have the standard o section seals. He has tried these but leak still persists. Anyone know where he might get one? Cheers Alan.
  6. Either that or rings. Mine used what I thought was excessive oil consumption at around 500 miles per litre. Following new rings, bore de-glaze and new valve guides now about 2000 miles per litre after 7000 miles use. I always keep the oil at the full mark and do not experience any excessive oil consumption. Alan.
  7. Turned out to be the commutator. The segment gaps were cleared. Shaft bushes were also badly worn so new ones were fitted. Now works well and much smoother than before. Thanks for the responses. Alan.
  8. I have removed and refitted J type in situ. No problem. Alan.
  9. Yes, did that with no change but stopped the smoking. Alan.
  10. Went for a drive this morning and everything fine until trying to restart, the starter motor engages but seems to lock without turning the engine over. Thumping the SM frees it up and then it started but on restarting again would not turn the engine over. Pressing solenoid button only resorts with more of the same. Did notice that the negative battery terminal smoked. This did happen before about a month ago but after fiddling with the solenoid wiring had been ok until today. With the SM removed pinion looks and works ok, commutator and brushes look fine. I suspect a fault with the SM. Any adv
  11. FWIW the pin used for fixing the 3rd/4th selector rod end is a grooved pin. Not sure if it was tapered or not. http://www.keysandpins.com/products/groove-pins?page=shop.browse&category_id=89&gclid=CP7hqNOp29UCFfgV0wodrlsBjg Alan.
  12. I thought the adjustable push rod was fitted to 4A's. Certainly the PB shows it. Alan.
  13. The other side came apart so job done. Thanks Roger. Alan.
  14. Just trying to split the upper splined steering column joint so I can position the self cancelling clip correctly but it's solid. Any tips please? Alan.
  15. Good plan Simon. Pegs ordered. Alan.
  16. Do the seven rear "lift the dot" pegs go through the outer hood material then the retaining bar and then the hood material again or just through the outer hood material and then the retaining bar? Roger Williams book shows through all three but I have two old hoods, one through all three, one through only two. Going through all three does make the peg fixing length a bit marginal. Alan.
  17. Just checked spare I have but hole is badly worn. Parts book illustration shows hole to be the same size as the drop link thread that goes through it which is 3/8" UNF. Alan.
  18. AlanG

    Oil Leak

    Friend of mine who is a TRR member has a serious oil leak on his TR7. He's not mechanical minded and has asked me to ask on here if there is any particular area on the TR7 engine that maybe the source of the leak. Thanks Alan.
  19. Hi John, Just finished building the crane and have removed and refitted my gearbox with ease. I fitted the 3" alignment dowel to begin with but found this made it difficult to get the clutch lever far enough forwards to clear the floor so removed it. Then with the clutch lever clear I screwed the dowel through the bellhousing and with the necessary wiggling the gearbox was in. Great bit of kit. Thanks very much. Alan.
  20. Not as thick as 6mm. Probably more like 4mm. The studs were bolts with the heads removed. Alan.
  21. I made my own using flat plate bolted to the original holes in the floor and with welded in studs to match the seat runners. Bit of a faff getting all the holes to align but not difficult. Works a treat. Alan.
  22. Just started building gearbox crane in anticipation of refitting original gearbox now with J type o/d. Alan.
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