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  1. Thanks for that Roger. I will make sure that area is specifically looked at. I think we have similar pasts. I was in Airworthiness at BAE. Flight incident investigations on Hawks world wide. ( we never mentioned the word crash). Fatique cracking and other defects were frequently found. Alan.
  2. Thanks for that Mick. Just hope it's crack free now. Alan.
  3. Just taken a bit of a punt on a cheap crankshaft. Mains will have to be reground to - .040". I see that these are available from Revingtons. Just wondered how detrimental - .040" might be? Is this common practice going this much undersize these days? I will of course have it NDT'd before doing anything. Alan.
  4. The vent seals I have tried from the usual suppliers are always to big and don't allow the vent lid to sit flush. I use the 5mm dia. version of the Woolies R10 (page 19) rubber extrusion. This is smaller than the illustrated R10 and I don't think is listed in their catalogue. Just need to ring them. Alan.
  5. I've had very good service from OD Spares with my o/d's. They bench tested a TR6 J type and converted an unused J type off a Triumph saloon to TR4A use. Guess you are pretty safe with whoever you use. Alan.
  6. Don't think so. But it's all in pictures so easy enough to use. Alan.
  7. Hi Roger, Some squeal may be caused as you say but the pad friction material can and as in my case does cause it as well. Alan.
  8. I fitted a new set of pads that squealed. Another new set of a different make cured the squeal. Alan.
  9. DVLA can become confused sometimes. My 4A is 1966. USA registration 1967. Given F reg. This had already happened when I bought the car. I would speak to them before submitting paperwork. Alan.
  10. Had something similar on a Ford Escort. All new components. Slight brake pull in the dry. A lot worse in the wet. Turned out to be unmatched discs with different coefficients of friction. Alan.
  11. It's use was demonstrated at the TRGB engine building seminar the other weekend. Very impressive. Alan.
  12. I think the inference was that it had not been recognized that there was a restriction, just inadequate oil supply. Alan.
  13. At Saturdays engine seminar at TRGB Gary /Jason mentioned that there was more than enough oil supplied to the rockers without modification. The only times they came across an external oil feed was if the rear oil gallery supplying the rockers had become restricted and the external oil feed fitted as a cure. Alan.
  14. Thanks Tom. I think I've ordered them but did not have to pay! A very confusing website. Maybe they'll email me back tomorrow for payment. Alan.
  15. Has anybody used the Bastuck syncro rings and how would they rate them. Thanks Alan.
  16. Oh know It doesn't. Well it does actually... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/41-British-Made-Second-Imperial-Hand-Tap-Tapping-Drill-5-8-x-13-Thread/371848536866?hash=item5693e66322:g:DagAAOSwpDdU-IXe Alan
  17. I had the same problem so used some R10 rubber extrusion from Woolies. Page 19 of their catalogue. Allows the vent lid to sit flush and seems to seal fine. Alan.
  18. AlanG

    Diff id

    Build Date 19/09/66. Chassis No. CTC 73477 L. Eng. No. CT 73602 E. Diff. No. CTC 66298. LHD US Export IRS car. Alan.
  19. Had exactly the same issue. O/s spigot rusted solid. Heat and extreme violence applied from below eventually freed it but thread was destroyed even with nut being left on. A right bar steward. Alan.
  20. AlanG

    Diff id

    Hi John, My 4A diff is marked CTC 66298. Alan.
  21. This may help.......... http://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/TR6Top/TR6SoftTop.htm Alan.
  22. I'll double check the pulley in the morning. Thanks guys. Hi Mark, No idea I'm afraid. I did rework the head a couple of years ago but did not have it skimmed. I refitted it with a standard gasket. Alan.
  23. The reason for this question is that my 4A engine suddenly made a loud clattering engine speed related noise which disappeared after a couple of minutes and did not return during careful 40mph drive home. Thought it was the chain tensioner at first but this has been ruled out. Also removed sump but nothing suspicious found and no visible damage to valve gear. So I wondered if a sticking valve could have hit a piston. But I thought this could not happen on TR 4 pot engine. Hence my question. I have ordered a wifi endoscope and will look for any damage to a piston anyway and will do a compressio
  24. I had always thought the TR 4 pot was a non-interference engine. Is that correct? Alan.
  25. AlanG

    Mystery Noise

    Thanks for the replies folks. Water pump, heater fan, dynamo rev counter and rocker cover all appear ok. As there is no mystery noise at the moment I will continue to drive it. Hopefully it won't happen again but if it does maybe there will more clues to diagnose the problem. Alan.
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