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  1. Having removed the vinyl trim around the frame, before painting, I was going to replace it with glued on ordinary type vinyl but have noticed in the Rimmers catalogue that there is a moulded vinyl trim set listed. The trim I have removed was very brittle and could have been a moulding but I'm guessing that the brittleness is due to age and is ordinary vinyl which is also listed in the catalogue. Can anyone confirm this? Any tips on doing this retrim would also be appreciated. Alan.
  2. Closer examination of the seal showed it was somewhat perished and brittle so I cut the windscreen out without any problems. Hope the same will be said when I come to refit it. Alan.
  3. Thanks peoples. I'll try to save the seal as it looks ok. but not at the expense of the glass if it proves difficult to remove. Alan.
  4. About to remove windscreen and frame prior to painting. Thought I would remove glass first then the frame? Also, what's the best way to remove the glass with the least chance of breaking it? Alan.
  5. I think legal wise you will defo need rear seat belts and insurance wise TR's are 2 seat only. Alan.
  6. Just removed the wood bits and amazingly the front end of the car hasn't dropped off! There is no rust or holes and the spring and clips are fine. I've just refitted the flap to check its operation and it appears to be working as it should with the spring in tension when open or closed. I will be removing the dash and windscreen frame shortly so will check down below then and report back. Many thanks for the suggestions. Alan.
  7. These two pieces of wood are jammed really tight in the scuttle vent. I've no idea why they are there but I am reluctant to remove them in case the front end falls off!! There is a fairly loud buzz/rattle from this area when driving so maybe it's an attempt to stop it. If so it ain't worked. The buzz/rattle occurs with the flap open or closed. Anyone any idea what the wood maybe for and what could be the cause of the buzz/rattle? Alan.
  8. Thanks people. I'm hoping for a "quick fix" rather than a back to metal respray but will complete one panel first to see how it turns out. I'm not a concours type of person just want a presentable TR4A for lots of summer use. Car is very sound with virtually no rust. Just looks a bit tired, paint and trim wise. Alan.
  9. Thanks Al. Most appreciated. Alan.
  10. The vinyl facing of the interior trim is in reasonable condition but the backing mill board has warped. So I thought I would remove the vinyl facing and glue it to new mill board. Is this feasable and can anyone who has done this offer any advice. Thanks, Alan.
  11. Just removing all the bits and pieces before repainting. Not sure how to remove the wing and door chome mouldings without damage. Are they prised off or do they slide of their fixing clips? Or maybe some other way? Alan.
  12. AlanG

    MX5 Seats

    Just got a pair of leather Mk1 MX5 seats to fit in my 4A. As the drivers side is more worn than the passengers is there any reason they can't be swopped over? Also did anyone who has fitted these seats experience any problems worth mentioning? Any advice appreciated. Alan.
  13. Looks great Al. I'll do mine in a few weeks. Alan.
  14. This is what mine is like. Hope it comes up all right. Alan.
  15. Mine has a some discolouration around the instrument hole cutouts and dash edges. Is this in the veneer or the varnish and will stripping and sanding get rid of it? Alan.
  16. Hello to you all. My first post since acquiring a TR a few weeks ago after a 46 year gap in TR ownership. So he goes. My TR4A is a non O/D car but with it came an additional TR6 J type O/D gearbox. When I eventually fit it should I include a relay in the wiring. The majority of opinions seem to be not. I think mainly based on the fact that the OEM TR6 installation did not include one. Just wondered if that was considered correct? Autosparks list O/D wiring harnesses both with and without a relay. Alan.
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