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  1. I had a similar problem and like yourself changed the worn looking spindles and the butterflies without success. I found that a very light finger press on one of the spindles reduced the tick over although I could not feel any play. So I fitted an oversize spindle. This has completely cured the problem so it would appear you only need a small amount of wear of the spindle bores to effect the tick over. 


  2. Remember seeing a Vulcan crash here in  East Yorkshire back in the 50's. It was miles away. Think it was electrical problems. All the crew got out I believe. Weren't the systems electrical rather than hydraulic? Then saw the last flight from the Humber bridge that was just an overfly. Later after I had got home I saw it doing a display, in the far distance, over Breighton airfield for a photo shoot. Wish I had been there but it was not advertised because of possible crowd problems. 


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