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  1. Cheers to all who replied, The problem turned out to be a simple spade in the engine bay that did not even look corroded. Removal and replacement of the spades was enough to make it operate again as it should. Craig
  2. I use GB40 oil and it has only recently been replaced. I have just tried the solenoid by putting in 3rd gear and ignition on. I can hear a click going on and off when stalk put on & off. Under car to check filter next???. Craig
  3. During a long run the J type overdrive was becoming slower to engage taking a good few seconds. After an overnight rest the overdrive engaged once more before stopping altogether. The oil level was checked but still no change. Did not have facilities to check anything else while completing north coast 500. Any areas I should check first would be appreciated. Craig
  4. I have a spare one already made up. I have sufficient materials to make a few more if members were needing any. Craig
  5. Can anyone help with the wiring on the lucas washer motor/pump. I used it twice and now it doesn't work. I have ordered a new one but want to know if the green wire is + or are the two black wires? I don't want another one to bite the dust. Craig
  6. Felix

    gearbox worry

    Problem solved!!!!! The culprit was the prop shaft UK at the diff end. Only one of the four bearings was dry and worn, the other 3 were like new,very strange!! This made it tricky to find the source of the metallic squeal. Thanks for all suggestions for the cause. Craig
  7. Felix

    gearbox worry

    All in bearings were replaced 2K ago so should be ok but I will check them all thoroughly.
  8. Felix

    gearbox worry

    After a weekend run my car developed a vibration while being driven. I could find nothing physical under the car. While reversing and driving at slow speed I could hear strange metallic noises. When the car was garaged I lifted the rear end to have a look but still nothing visible. While the car was up I put it in gear but was able to turn rear wheels. Is there something that could break in the gearbox/ overdrive? The gearbox was a reconditioned one supplied by the restorer only 2K miles ago. Anyone any ideas or is it a gearbox out job? Craig
  9. Thanks Roger. I have had a look but they do not do covers only> http://www.energysuspension.com/universal-products/tie-rod-end-dust-boots.html I would like to order these but am currently working away from home and unable to measure the sizes required. Can any member assist?? Craig
  10. Does anybody know where I can get spare covers for the top ball joint on the front suspension. The new ball joints I fitted 2 years ago have had 2 sets of rubber covers perish & split on them, making them MOT failures. I don't want to fit another set of rubber ones which will not last any time at all. I read somewhere that they were available in polyurethane but have been unable to track down any suppliers in this country. Can any members help Regards Craig
  11. Steve, l fitted an aluminium one off ebay for my white 6 and it makes the engine bay look much smarter. They are easy to fit and should last as long as your car. Us Scottish owners don't have the worry of over heating from the temperatures we suffer with. Craig
  12. Rob, put the bushes in boiling water for a few minutes to "soften" them, add the lubricant and then push in the leading edge with a flat screwdriver. Once you have the leading edge of the cotton reel fully in the wishbone then push them the whole way home. I filed a slight champer on the leading edge to assist in the initial start but they go in without too much bother really. Craig
  13. Felix

    Rapid indicators

    Thanks for the pointers. I have found the fault to being a defective Lucas indicator relay that was only 2 months old. I will be buying one of the electronic ones now. felix
  14. Felix

    Rapid indicators

    Thanks Roger The flashers work but very fast on both sides after the first flash. I have not checked the bulbs but all were fitted at an experienced restoration garage. I am maybe wrong to assume that they will be correct. As for the flasher unit I have no idea what has been fitted but all electrics including the wiring loom have been replaced.
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