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  1. 26 psi all round worked well for me on tyres of same size on wire wheels. Tom
  2. I have replaced the stainless system on my car with a mild steel.Quieter and more authentic noise.Stainless has its attractions but is not without issues. Tom
  3. I have an almost new Wosp starter Motor I would sell at half new price if you need it pm me Tom
  4. Congratulations Hamish it looks great with Louvre and hardtop.I think also LSD. Well done Looking forward to seeing you on the hills this year Tom
  5. Has anyone any experience of this event. Its a VSCC competition in February. Any history of TR success or experience appreciated.
  6. This really is an interesting film. Putting Atlas vans on the same line as TRs demonstrates clever early production flexibility pioneered by Jaguar and perfected by BMW.Getting the right parts to the right place at the right time is a difficult discipline. I wonder how many TRs were built with Atlas van rear axles and how many Atlas vans ended up with TR engines! Great stuff.
  7. I attended the track day at Bedford yesterday. The 4.2 mile GT track is super smooth very fast and very safe with big run off areas.i did over 100 miles on track.The event was very well run.All in all an excellent day and good value given the amount of track time provided.
  8. I will be there driving to and from and happy to help with whatever you need.Its a well run event and you will enjoy It enormously. Look forward to seeing you then.Send me a message if you have specific questions. all the best Tom
  9. Interesting project.They do not quote what the weight is but refer to the body being 56%lighter. The car has no roll cage and with the ally body I suspect its not as stiff as a steel car so wonder what the scuttle shake is like. Here in the UK the tyres would be illegal on the road I think but will make the car a delight on smooth surfaced bends. Given the charges for alloy panels I can only imagine this body was megabucks. Some lovely detailing.
  10. Having done a bit more research I find Roy North finished 16th of 29 starters having started 27th and sixth in class. He completed 87 laps. Philip H Arnold also practised the car but did not drive in the race.
  11. Here is a great period piece. Nostalgia for Noel! The last race meeting featured is the Goodwood TT with Stirling in his pomp, but who was the driver of the white TR3A? https://www.bpvideolibrary.com/record/641 Bill Piggott tells me its not known to him but advises its a Canterbury registration dating from November 59. Anyone any ideas? Happy Christmas Tom
  12. Dear John It really does look good.Super shut lines BRAVO Tom
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