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  1. tomfpurves

    Alloy 2

    Who else might it be?
  2. tomfpurves

    Alloy 2

    Interesting project.They do not quote what the weight is but refer to the body being 56%lighter. The car has no roll cage and with the ally body I suspect its not as stiff as a steel car so wonder what the scuttle shake is like. Here in the UK the tyres would be illegal on the road I think but will make the car a delight on smooth surfaced bends. Given the charges for alloy panels I can only imagine this body was megabucks. Some lovely detailing.
  3. tomfpurves

    TR3A TFN 500

    Having done a bit more research I find Roy North finished 16th of 29 starters having started 27th and sixth in class. He completed 87 laps. Philip H Arnold also practised the car but did not drive in the race.
  4. tomfpurves

    TR3A TFN 500

    Here is a great period piece. Nostalgia for Noel! The last race meeting featured is the Goodwood TT with Stirling in his pomp, but who was the driver of the white TR3A? https://www.bpvideolibrary.com/record/641 Bill Piggott tells me its not known to him but advises its a Canterbury registration dating from November 59. Anyone any ideas? Happy Christmas Tom
  5. tomfpurves

    Long door TR2 Restoration

    Dear John It really does look good.Super shut lines BRAVO Tom
  6. tomfpurves

    Big b*lls needed

    Suit you well Kevin Tom
  7. tomfpurves

    Small Sense of Achievement

    Well done Hamish. All sounds very sensible and successful. I doubt the exhaust would affect the fuelling but time on a rolling road with a good man in charge might pay off. Revlogic is brilliant to use but Glen tells me not straightforward to fit. Good luck Tom
  8. tomfpurves

    Gear calculator

    Hi Hamish its fitted with a Qaiffe diff. Interestingly I have just noted that it will be 60 tomorrow having been built on 14th November 1958! Tom
  9. tomfpurves

    Gear calculator

    Thank you very much.Most helpful.Minty does not seem to be available these days. Tom
  10. tomfpurves

    Gear calculator

    Thanks everyone.Yes its a comprehensive rebuild.However silly me I said the axle was 3.4 to 1 it is now 4.1/1 so what does that mean at 5000 rpm in direct top and od top. Tom
  11. tomfpurves

    Gear calculator

    I now have a rebuilt Overdrive with 28 %ratio. A 3.4 axle and tyres with rolling circumference of 79.78 inches. So what will my rpm be in top at 70 mph and in Overdrive top at 70 mph. Also what will my speed be at 5000 rpm in top gear and in Overdrive top?
  12. tomfpurves

    Fearsome competitor

    You can buy a new MGB monocoque shell from BMH and have a race car built for the up to two litre class for less money than building a TR which needs a 2.2 litre engine to offset the weight and puts it in a class with Healey 3000s. In practise I am told a good TR4 will run away from a good MGB in a straight line but the B is faster round corners..Equipe GTS seems an excellent successful formula .Paul I really like the alloy body .Who made the panels?
  13. tomfpurves

    Tyre size for 4j

    Best tyres on those rims would be 155 Michelin XAS FF. Expensive but the best.The spare will also go in the wheel well.
  14. tomfpurves

    TR3 for sale

    My car is LAS 513.Registered in UK about the same time.I wonder how many other TRs have the same registration?
  15. tomfpurves

    My wife is driving me nuts

    The only thing I can think of better on an Italian backroad than a sidescreen TR with r and p steering is a BMW 328 at ten times the price so just get on and buy one and please the missus and you will please yourself.But get one with rand p. Tom

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