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  1. I only drive Triumph's, and have never had the 'luxury' of a modern motor. My day to day cars vary, but it is always a Triumph. I use bog standard cheapest I can find fuel, and no issues to report to date.
  2. I recently had the Weber air filters catch fire on my GT6. No worries thought I, I'll just whip out the hand held fire extinguisher I had previously nicked from one of my other Triumphs and put it out. What I didn't know, or notice was that a PO had drilled the safety pin, and put a split pin in it.
  3. I can testify to those 16 odd second 1/4 mile times as back in the 90's I would regularly 'run what you brung' my (standard) TR5 at Santa Pod, and Avon Park. I think the fastest magazine road test time I saw for a TR5-6 was 16.5 seconds. I got consistently into the low 16's, with a best of 16.1. I tried everything to get into the 15's, but in the end only a LSD would have got me there, and I didn't have the cash for one then. As for mechanical sympathy, and rapid wear issues, I used to change the crank shells once a year, but apart from regular diff, and gearbox oil changes I don't r
  4. No not a typo, but unfortunately we no longer take on customer cars.
  5. I own Le Mans class winning Spitfire ADU 4B. It has fantastic continuous provenance. However after 1965 Le Mans it was taken on by the Swiss National Racing team, and was never returned to Canley. Eventually it ended up in the USA in the hands of a very well known collector, so no problem there. Imagine my surprise when we imported it back home to Coventry, and applied to the DVLA for a V5 to find out it was currently registered to someone else! I also own 6003VC Vitesse, originally one of the 1963 works Monte team cars. However this car is a recreation done by John Wooley and rallie
  6. Yes I had read through the entire topic before posting
  7. We were one of the first into the market with these starters. In those days there were no aftermarket repro starters to convert so we bought in all the used motors from far, and wide. We disassembled them, and sent the front cases into our machine shop to be turned down to accept our own adapter plates. The rest of the motor was reconditioned to a high standard by a local company, and then reassembled with those machined front plates, and adapters. We did thousands of them, but eventually the used core dried up, and the only alternative were the new crop of repro stuff coming in from
  8. To true, and unfortunately more common than most would appreciate. There was a rash of 'works' Triumph plates issued in the 80/90's when it was relativity easy to fool the DVLA into punting them out.
  9. There is a saying in the trade for cars that end up looking like that, 'looks like it crashed into Halfords'!
  10. I once had to pick up a 2.5PI saloon from Felixstowe that had come in from Norway that night. It had been delayed so by the time I got out of the docks it was something like 3am. I thought it strange that the customer had put a spare set of wheels, and tyres on the back seat, but thought nothing of it until I got out onto the dual carriageway, and gave it some beans. There was a strange noise that I had never heard the like of before, and just as I reached 70mph I had a simultaneous blow out on two diagonal tyres which sent me spinning up both lanes. Good job the roads were empty at this time
  11. Andy Martin in ex works PI WRX 902H behind you!
  12. I got all my experience of driving on snow, and ice on RAF stations on 12 hour night, and weekend day shifts. Hours, and hours of opposite lock stuff in a variety of Escort Estates, Minis, Chevette Estates, and Landy's. I think my record was 15 minutes on opposite lock going round, and round on a Vulcan dispersal.
  13. I like it when Vern is asked how many vehicles he owns and he replies, more than thirty, but I'm not sure exactly how many. It does seem that more than thirty is when critical mass is reached. after which exact numbers are really difficult to quantify
  14. Bear with this is a long story...... Way back in the early 1990's I visited a trader called Stuart Jenkins at his premises on the Stonebroom Industrial Estate near Derby to buy some bits, and bobs for one of my TR5's. Whilst we stood chewing the cud I happened to notice a TR sitting forlornly out in the long grass. It turned out to be a TR5 Stuart had bought as a breaker. All the outer panels had been removed along with the engine. A deal was done for not a lot of money, and a couple of days later a chap I knew went and collected it for me who jackknifed his Fiat Uno (yes really) and trai
  15. Sorted now, thanks everyone. I have had a better look with the roof turned upside down. The four holes in the wood that is glassed into the leading edge have captive 1/4" UNF fixings.
  16. Thanks Bob, but I should think the heads of the fixings (whatever they might be) should be visible underneath the windscreen frame header rail behind the sunvisors.
  17. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask as I cannot find a Dove specific section, but............ I am coming to the end of a long restoration on our Dove, and I need a little help with the fixing details where the front edge of the roof attaches to the top of the windscreen frame. The screen frame was part way through replacement by a previous owner when we acquired the car so I have no reference. I assume from looking at the front edge of the roof which has a wooden section glassed in that it might have been coach bolts (four off?)up through the screen frame into the roof.
  18. Do you know if your father-in-laws TR5 was a locally registered car, or locally bought by him back in the day? It would narrow your search if it was as it would reduce the possible plate prefix options.
  19. They were, and still are magnesium, we have four works cars here that still have original wheels. I wasn't aware that genuine Minilites were offered in anything other than magnesium in period. I know a chap who bought a couple of sets of 15" direct from Tech Del in 1969 so definitely available retail.
  20. The World Cup Rally PI's from 1970 used 15 x 5 1/2" Minilites. Apparently Abingdon ordered hundreds of them from Tech Del as every car had at least five spare sets (four works cars, and two privately entered cars with works assistance). After the rally many found there way onto Triumphs in the Oxford area! I bought I set recently from a TR6 owner who's car had been fitted with a set of these very wheels, and they have now gone back on a World Cup PI!
  21. Anybody mentioned replacement seats (of a none original type).
  22. It has been my unfortunate experience of having being involved in working on a few Lines cars in my time, and they have all shared slap dash workmanship, and apparently hurried original conversion work. Not that it matters now because I assume the survivors have all had the rough build quality knocked out of them in subsequent restorations. Buy a factory car if you can, its always going to be more desirable.
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