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  1. Hi Alan, I have a plan for that seat frame, fortunately the other is in red oxide and no rust. The movement on both seats is where they bolt together, so i think the base needs stiffening with attention to thia area. As well as all the items Stuart and Rod mentioned. There was a trimmer overhere who i used to use, funny chap, but did an excellent job at reasonable cost. He has been retired for a good few years now. I also knew a sail maker , but hes now working in Canada somewhere .As for the rest of the trimmers , they are busy working mainly on boats where there is plenty of
  2. Hmm, Was just thinking there would be a difference, but wasnt sure how significant it would be, as the tilting seat would have shorter cover, so i may be able to adapt to suit. Have emailed my supplier see how far he has got and advise hin i have two tilting seats, see what happens. Thanks Stuart GUY
  3. Doing a bit of research and with reference to this thread 2008 http://www.tr-regist...showtopic=15346 It seems that Tr3a seat frames flex, Ian Vincent carried out some mods to the frames to stiffem them, i am at the stage where i can add extra metal to reinforce the seats and prevent twist. Any thoughts or ideas Cheers Guy
  4. Another Good source of info Cheers Guy
  5. Thanks All The base of the frame has ben covered with some sort of black sealer , which makes the bases look worse than they are, clearly the rust is obvious. Heres Rods picture, for future reference Thanks Rod I am in the process of making some a paper templates, so i can fabricate some repair pieces. Fortunately the other seat is in good nick with no rust or holes, and not covered in black sh*t. Brian i can see the advantage of haveing two tilting seats The taking strip on mine seems to be a 1/4 inch hardboard is this a good idea , would i be better with
  6. Hi All, Both of my seat frames are strangely both tilting ie the seat back folds forward. In preparation for the arrival of new seat covers i have stripped the coverings from one of the seat frames, which i thought was in need of repair. Sure enough it does. I am considering whether to make this seat frame non tilting, or maybe leave it, your opinions aoppreciated If someone has a picture of how a fixed seat frame should look that would be a great help Thanks Very Much Guy
  7. Trev, When i stripped mine down i found that on the bracket that attaches to the block to hold dynamo. The rear hole was elongated, which would have allowed the dynamo to move. Worth checking how yours is. Cheers Guy
  8. Thanks, i ordered a set before a forget http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lucas-DR2-DL2-DR3-6W-Pair-Classic-Car-Wiper-Motor-Brushes-Lucas-508170-/190732841121?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2c689030a1 Cheers Guy
  9. Well, i have fixed it. The connection on the motor (for power green cable) had continuity with earth. I took the motor out and there are two arms that hold the brushes on the armature, they have a spring that holds them in place, well the spring had detached itself from one arm. And both are where all over the place. The spring is fitted to a card type board that goes through the arms, shaped a bit like a T, it was in bits in the casing. Doesnt look like you can get these parts, well no where i have looked thus far. So i made my own out of a piece of plastic. All back
  10. Thanks Menno, Miles, Alan and Stuart, As i am not removing the vinyl for this i have glued them in place, seems sorted. Next stop bike shop. Then sort out why my windscreen wiper motor causes the fuse to blow the moment its connected. New loom, original wiper motor and switch. Cheeers GUY
  11. Hi Chaps, Getting the interior back together, the door pockets were detached from the door card panels. Looks as if they should have been fitted prior to the vinyl covering?. How were they originaly fitted? Looks like my only option now. as vinyl is nicely on the panel would be to glue it. One step forward and two back...... Thought i would check out the pockets position in relation to the door lock cable, guess what the cable snapped Thanks Cheers Guy
  12. I enjoyed it. Did any one spot one reversing light on as MB was driving it (forward ) at the beginning Cheers Guy Amd not one dam mudflap in sight
  13. Very nice idea Bill Thanks for posting it, whats the spec on the LED bulbs Cheers GUY
  14. Billg Nearly just copy and paste the IMG code Looks very smart Your grill looks very shiny, how did you achieve this apart from a lot of elbow grease Guy
  15. And here it is, looks like the Tr6 is saying Bye Bye. Good Luck Patch Looks Great Guy
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