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  1. How about this Imperial one end, metric the other
  2. Hello The wiring diagram (Advance Autowire) and (Haynes not so clear) show instrument lighting for 8 instruments - I have only 6 -Oil, Fuel, Temp, Ammeter, Speedo & Tacho on my 4a. Are the diagrams wrong or am I missing something? Thanks Keith
  3. Just seen on the BBC web site under Science a call to do data entry for rainfall records. For science nuts like me looks good. Go to the https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/edh/rainfall-rescue site and click on Classify - takes you into input page. Might be very useful as we Brits are obsessed with rainfall.
  4. Was this not called a train. One driver, no steering, no overtaking, one power unit so less fuel. no road fun licence though. Keith
  5. Interesting. that looks like the Johnston tartan
  6. Screwfix do good ones https://www.screwfix.com/p/philips-g13-t8-led-tube-2000lm-20w-1500mm/6280v Keith
  7. Morning Kevin My apologies - I can see I have two messages from you as there is a little red flag on top right hand side, but I cannot open them. Any tips on this Thanks Keith
  8. Hello I have 'The Complete Official Triumph TR6 & TR250' - turquoise cover - from Robert Bentley inc - Comprising the official driver's handbook and workshop manual AND Triumph Repair Operation Manual published by BL cars - Publication Part No AKM 3646 - TR6, TR250, TR5, TR4, TR4a Not needed so of interest? Regards Keith
  9. Dirk Quick Google search came up with this at B&Q ROTHENBERGER DRAIN TRACING DYE 200 G (for plumbers) might work Keith
  10. Frost are doing them at £25 today Keith
  11. I like the idea of UJ type couplings, but are the internal dimensions metric, as I assume the steering column diameter is imperial. Which couplings fit the original column best? Thanks as ever - Keith
  12. Dear experts. I'm planning to buy a new welder (possibly MIG) and would welcome any advice on spec, make and desirable features. Thanks in anticipation. Keith
  13. Hello Has an index for all the technical articles which appear in TR action ever been produced? I have both the 1-100 and 101-200 cds but being naturally lazy (or short of time) it would be great to go directly to what I need. Thanks Keith
  14. Such a good idea, but forgive my ignorance - boot side or cockpit side of the existing brackets in front of the tank Thanks Keith
  15. How can I easliy clean and paint the upper surface of the chassis with the body still in place - just need to tidy up the existing paint and remove surface rust. Thanks Keith
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